January Update
You can do all the planning you want,

But if you don’t take action, all your

Planning will be in vain and nothing

You do will flourish.

This hit the spot this morning as I was reading my calendar. January has gone, and I achieved no success with my dieting at all. I had all these plans, all these dreams, and I did absolutely nothing to achieve them. I kept thinking about doing something, but I didn’t give it any effort. I thought I would just lose weight without actually trying. Yeah. That didn’t happen.

Not only did I not do anything to help myself lose weight, but I also kept putting off blogging about it because I felt like such a loser.

Well, time to fess up. I am a loser. (Wish I was a weight loser, but I’m not). I was lazy & not motivated most of January. There were a few days where I “attempted” to diet... but that only lasted... well... a few days.

I started January weighing 188.60…  then during the actual month I ended up gaining around 3 pounds which put me at 191.4. For someone trying to LOSE weight, I sure wasn’t doing a good job of it. I ended the month weighting 190.2. Not a good month at all (but only weight wise), other than that it was an AMAZING month!

I definitely planned… planned to be strict with myself and to follow a good diet faithfully. Planned to lose at least 8 pounds for the month of January. But did I take any action? Nope. Not at all. Did I flourish? Sure, but not the way I had hoped. My body flourished & got even bigger.

I have this weight tracker app on my IPhone. So one day, I was looking at my “stats” and I burst out laughing. It listed my statistics such as my maximum weight, minimum weight, and my average gain/loss (which, by the way, said that I have been gaining an average of ½ pound per week)  since I’ve been using the app. Then at the very bottom it said: “At this rate, you will NEVER reach your target weight.” Really? Seriously? That is SO un-motivational! I know it’s true based on my stats, but still, to actually read it seemed a little harsh (but eye opening).

I sure hope I can do much better in the month of February…
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