Frustrated, Yet Hopeful
Lately, this dieting thing has become really hard for me... I just can’t seem to stick with it. I still constantly think about it... trying to figure out the “best way” for me to lose weight.

Yesterday was Thursday... so I weighed it. I gained 3 pounds back!! YUCK!! Currently I am at 181.2… whereas before I was 178… ugh... So sad!

I seem to be doing “really good” for a time... and then all of a sudden, I just totally binge;  whether it is on sweets or carbs... I can’t seem to stop at “just one”... if I eat 1 piece of chocolate... I’ll eat 10. It’s very frustrating.

So yesterday, after I saw how much I had gained I “vowed” to myself not to eat ANY sweets (except a tiny bit of honey) or carbs for 1 whole week...

It seemed so doable…. Until I showed up at work... its like the flood gates open and temptations started pouring my way!!

So here I am, sitting at work, DETERMINED to last a full week without sweets or carbs… as I see Jo (an amazing lady that I work with)... she comes walking in with a FULL case of soda…. A box of chocolate granola bars... and freshly baked banana bread. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!” I said to her. That was a bit hard to resist... but thankfully, I managed.

Then comes lunch time… I brought my romaine salad with some meat and balsamic vinegar dressing... I have actually been craving this salad... loving it!!

Anyway... I was typing away when Jo kindly tells me I should order lunch... hhmm... temping... could I really pass up free food?? So I looked at the menu... sandwiches... probably the best sandwiches in town… BUT they contain 2 thick slices of bread... can’t have that… So I called the deli and asked the guy what their “lowest” carb food was... I decided to go with their soup and salad special… except the soup that I chose was Salmon Chowder... I asked him to give me the least amount of potatoes and the most amount of salmon possible… and I got some sort of Chicken/Spinach salad… so all in all… not bad… actually… really good in my opinion ; ) Didn’t quite stick to my “vow” of no carbs.. But I was still proud of myself.

For dinner I wasn’t too hungry... so I had some baked salmon… but I desperately wanted bread... the boys were eating tuna salad on homemade bread… and I took about 2 bites… I know... I know... but it was just 2 bites... and that’s all… NO SWEETS!! I did it!! I was so happy with myself!!

So this morning (Friday) I weighed myself again… just to see... and I have lost a pound... so I’m down to 180.2 again... hopefully I will get back down to my 178 soon and then start going down from there…

I also decided that not walking was another culprit in my weight gain. I stopped wearing my step counter… and so I wasn’t even trying to get any “extra” steps in.

Well, yesterday, I put it on again... and I tried really hard all day to reach my goal of 10,000 steps. I did a lot of walking at work... and then I went and did some shopping after work... by the time I took my step counter off at night... I had accumulated 12,040 steps!! I was so totally excited!!

I think I am back up on the “weight loss wagon”... hopefully I will stay on and be able to reach my goal. I was supposed to have lost 10 pounds and be at 170 by my brother’s wedding (which is August 7th)... but I highly doubt I will be able to do that… I have exactly 1 week left. There is no way I can lose 10 pounds in one week... unless I starve myself… but whatever amount of fat I lose by then, I will be happy with.
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I am in desperate need of advice...
I am becoming SO overwhelmed with all the information out there. Do this... not that... do it in the morning... no, do it in the evening... eat this.. not that..... UGH!!! And they all sound so "scientific".... why can't it just be simple!!??

Tell me.. from YOUR PERSONAL experience.. 

When is the BEST time to exercise to BURN the MOST FAT possible... is it morning? Is it evening? Is it sometime during the day?? 

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My New Diet

So… Time to unveil my new diet ; ) This is kind of embarrassing for me; people that know me well, know that this is about my millionth diet.. Every time I start a new one, they just roll their eyes at me.

I cannot last on one diet for too long. I think that both I and my body get tired & bored of the same thing. It seems that on most diets, I can lose about 10 pounds, and then no more. I just get stuck. So I think when I switch diets, my body gets confused and starts to shed my unwanted fat again… I like that!

So this time I will be trying “The South Beach Diet”. I’ve heard about it before, but was never interested in it. I never even bothered to look into it in the slightest.

A few weeks ago, Heather, a good friend of mine decided she needed to lose weight. She bought the “South Beach Diet” book and started telling me all about it. Well, that got me interested.. but still, I was trying to do Weight Watchers. I watched what Heather ate, and it always looked & smelled delicious and super healthy. Within 9 days of starting this diet, she lost 13 pounds. THIRTEEN POUNDS!!! That to me is SUPER impressive!!

Me on the other hand… here I was “trying” to do Weight Watchers. I was already tired of trying to figure out what had how many points. Everything always had way too many points. It was quite annoying and I was always hungry. The last few weeks, I just basically gave up.. and gained back 3 pounds. I’m glad (and surprised at the same time) it wasn’t more. 

So I got really impressed and motivated by Heathers successful weight loss. She lost twice as much in 9 days as I did in 2 ½ months!! I went and bought “The South Beach Diet” book. The food shopping took me a while… only cause I was trying to get the best deals on everything... I came home with tons of healthy foods and a lot of excitement to start my new diet.

On my "freeway" of weight loss, I have now exited Weight Watchers and went onto the "on" ramp of the South Beach Diet.… I am really excited and super hopeful. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the diet that works for me!
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I've Been Slacking...
I've been slacking.. I know... I keep thinking to update my blog... but I never seem to be able to find the time.

The last few weeks have sucked (weight wise). For some reason, I just could NOT focus and TRY to count my points. There were way too many fun activities and lots of delicous foods to try to avoid. I just gave in and enjoyed it. But really, deep down I was not enjoying it cause I had this nagging feeling that "I was gonna gain weight". It's so annoying.

Anyway, within the last few weeks my weight has jiggled from 178 to 181... I'm glad it didn't go any higher. I'm not too worried about these three pounds. They should come off quickly once I put some effort into my dieting again.

I canceled my Weight Watchers account today. It's not worth the money. I can now do the program without having to pay them $20 a month. But also, it's just become a real big hassle to have to count the points. Its too hard to do when we cook everything from scratch... and I don't have any time to "plan ahead". I don't regret getting my 3 month subscription one bit. I learned a lot and it helped me to lose 7 pounds. I will DEFINITELY keep the "idea" in mind.. use what I have learned... kinda try to keep my points in mind.. just not obsess over them.

I have also decided to try a new diet program. I know. I know. I'm crazy. But what can I say... I lose a little with each diet. Why not try? I think my body only wants to lose a certain amount with each program, then it just hits a plateau and stays there until I do something else.

I gotta go for now... but I'll give you more details on the "new diet" of mine later on.... stay tuned ; )

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