My Brother-in-Law Needs a Tooth
Ok, so my brother-in-law needs a front tooth made by a doctor. It costs a lot of money. So, if you have some extra cash and a giving heart, then feel free to donate some of your money towards his medical bill. Below is Valik's (my brother-in-law's) statement:

I Need A Front Tooth
Please help me pay for my new prosthetic tooth
On August 19th, the steps to what will have become some people's worse fear have begun... Valik Rudd has felt pain in his top front tooth that made tears well up in his eyes. Hoping it was just some freak pain that will go away in a few hours, he kept his hopes high. As the days rolled by, the pain only got worse. Now three days later, it is unavoidable that the tooth will have to go.

UPDATE: It is August 23rd, the tooth is out and it's not pretty.
Can you imagine, having your front top tooth missing? Can you imagine attending a professional meeting or trying to talk to a customer while the person you are talking to just continues to stare at the gaping hole in your mouth, and not because they are paying attention to your every word?
Now it would be ok if a replacement tooth did not cost so much (form $2000 to $3000), but unlike most people, Valik does not have insurance nor money to pay for it.

UPDATE: There is another option that we found out about that costs $1647, so that will be our goal.
Please donate what you can! Valik will appreciate any help. Do you have a prosthetic tooth you can donate? (jk, no used teeth will be accepted as means of donation)
Thanks So Much!
Note: If the tooth will not end up being removed, the funds raised will go towards whatever fixing it will require to keep the existing tooth and Valik's ability to give warm friendly smiles to his friends and customers. And to get rid of this crazy pain, so he can get back to work in FanPageEngine.
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