My Latest Update
I know that it has been a really long time since I have update. I guess I didn’t really feel a desire to do it. Nothing was working. No matter how hard or how little I tried, my weight just wanted to be stubborn. I could starve myself for a week, and gain weight, or I could just eat regularly and gain the same weight. So I stopped trying altogether, and thus had no desire to write about it until now.

For a while now I have suspected issues with my body, and thyroid dysfunction kept running through my head. My sister and my mother (who are both overweight) have recently been to a Naturopath and were both diagnosed with Thyroid issues. They started taking supplements and whatever else the doctor prescribed and started losing weight without even trying. Up to date, my sister has lost at least 50 pounds if not more (she doesn’t keep track and doesn’t weight herself regularly). My mother has lost 17 without trying one bit.

I decided that rather than starting another diet and putting more money into the dieting world, I would rather spend the money on going to the same Naturopath and actually getting checked out. Let me tell you, it was money very well spent!!

I had my 1st appt with the Naturopath on March 15th. We talked for a little, I gave him my background, explained to him the issues I was having and told him that I thought I had Thyroid issues and why and that maybe something else was wrong with me... but that was for him to figure out.

He ran several tests on me, including a blood test, a toxicity test, and a thyroid reflex test. The reflex test told him right then and there that I had a low functioning thyroid. But I had to wait 3 weeks to get all the other results back. That was not fun. Anyone who knows me well knows that patience is not a huge trait of mine...

During all this time, my weight crept up. The highest I’ve gotten so far this year is 194.6 and that was on April 6th.... my lowest weight this year was on February 17, and that was 188.4... So only about a 6 pound difference... Actually writing these numbers on here for everyone to read is really embarrassing.

On April 5th I had my 2nd Naturopath appt. This time he went over my test results and told me what I need to be doing. He set my test results on the desk, looked at me and said “You’re messed up.” lol... I just started laughing. Glad it wasn’t just all in my head. It was a relief to know that he found what was wrong with me and was actually able to fix my issues. I was and still am very excited! He explained what was wrong with my gut and why my body was not assimilating any vitamins or minerals. That has a lot to do with my not being able to lose weigh along with my Thyroid issues.

So far I have paid the Naturopath around $500 and my supplements have cost me around $175. It’s quite a lot of money, but I don’t regret it one bit. I have already seen quite a difference in my body within just a few days of taking the supplements he prescribed to me. I have noticed that I am LOT hungrier... which at first freaked me out... but I weighed myself and was very happy to see that within 2 days of starting the supplements, I lost 2 pounds without changing ANYTHING....

That is my update for now. I am going to give my body a few days (maybe a few weeks) to adjust to all this new stuff entering my body and after that I plan to REALLY start trying to lose weight. I am very optimistic at this point... I’ll keep you updated!
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