I quit. Yes, again.
I have been dreading writing this post. Why? Well, maybe because I have quit something yet again. It’s getting to be quite embarrassing.

I started the Master Cleanse with the hope of doing it for 40 days. I highly doubted that I could go that long, but I thought I’d give it a try.

99% of my reason for doing this cleanse was for weight loss. The other 1%, I thought, if I cleaned something out, that would just be a bonus.

The 1st few days were going great. I was able to go without eating, not happily, but easily for the most part. I felt great, and I was losing weight.

I think my 4th day into it, I gained a few ounces. I wasn’t too upset, but it did catch my attention. The next day, I gained a FULL pound. I know that sounds ridiculous, but when you are eating absolutely NOTHING and you start to GAIN weight… in my opinion, that’s not normal. As soon as I saw the numbers on the scale, I was done. I was so disappointed. I kept thinking “how can I be gaining, if I’m NOT eating?”  I decided that if I am going to gain weight, I might as well be eating and enjoying it rather than starving and STILL gaining. So that day I decided to start getting off the cleanse. My main purpose of the cleanse was to lose weight, not gain it. I decided there was absolutely no reason to continue torturing myself any longer.

I lasted a full 5 days on the cleanse. Total I lost 7 pounds, and then started gaining it back. It’s been about a week since I got off, and I am too afraid to get on the scale. I think I might have gained all of it back by now. So disappointing.

Overall, I think that if you truly need to cleanse, this is the way to do it. I felt absolutely perfect while doing it. I just don’t think that it’s wise to do this for just weight loss, like I was doing. It’s not worth the torture. I’d rather learn to eat differently and be able to do it the rest of life rather than having to starve.

The drink itself was gross. After having to drink it for so long, it made me want to gag, and thus I ended up drinking less and less of it… and I think that put my body into starvation mode… thus the weight gain.

So yes; I quit again. I feel like a failure, but I won’t let it get me down. I will just keep trying. I never know which diet that I try will finally be “the one”  that will set me free from this fat journey of mine.

Ah. It’s off my mind now. I can relax now and enjoy my life ; )
Master Cleanse - Day 4
Ok. So the torturous day 4 of the cleanse is done and over with. I am relieved. I thought I'd never make it through. I thought this was supposed to be getting easier?? WHEN?? I feel like I am starting to want food more and more as opposed to less and less.... ugh... not good..

It was going just fine... until we got to our Church Harvest Festival. Now keep in mind, I have been craving hot dogs horribly for several days now. We get to the cafe, and what is everying eating?? HOT DOGS!! I was surrounded by tons of people (including my own family) happily indulging in fresh-off-the-bbq hot dogs... I almost started crying. I wanted them so bad!! I probably looked ridiculous, but I kept SMELLING the food.. deep, close, intakes of the delicious smells. Ugh! It was horrible!!

Then we got home and my sister and I were looking through some magazines. I had to stop. It's like every single page had vibrant pictures of the most scrumptious looking food... and there were several pictures of hot dogs too... lol... I just had to toss the magazines aside, and just sit there. 

This morning is Day 5. I did the disgusting "salt water flush" again this morning. It didn't take me as long to drink it, nor did I gag as much. But after I was done, I just sat on the couch feeling nausous. I had to keep drinking water; I felt so dehydrated. But let me tell you, this time, it actually did flush me out ; )

This mornings weigh in dissappointed me a little. Instead of showing a weight loss, it showed a gain. How impossible is that!!?? I think I must smelled way too much food... lol.... 

Oh well... I'll keep going. I'll let you know how today goes...
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