An Amazing Weekend!!
I have been VERY proud of myself the last 5 days or so. I have been really good about sticking to my Naturally Slim principles for the most part. Today I feel quite a lot thinner than I have for a long time. My pants actually feel loose on me. Its such an awesome feeling!!

I have been good, but I have also over indulged about 2 times within the last few days. This weekend has been quite anticipated. It was the weekend of my sisters 3oth birthday, and we had quite a few surprises for her. The surprises were a little stressful, but so very worth it! I loved how everything turned out, and would do it all over again!

We ordered Jenni a very beautiful birthday cake.

Happy Cakes in Spokane Valley did an AMAZING job!! Not only did the cake look gorgeous, but it tasted absolutely delicious. That was my 1st over indulgence. I had a nice big piece of cake after dinner… and then I went back and had another one ; )

My 2nd overindulgence was last night. We had a Surprise Celebration at Olive Garden with some girlfriends. I TOTALLY overate at dinner. I stuffed myself full like a Thanksgiving turkey.. and then… I topped it off with a luscious slice of Chocolate Mousse cake!! It was so yummy!!

I felt a little bit of guilt for overeating, but I’m ok with it now. It was a very special occasion… and I’m right back on track this morning. I’m just a little worried that these 2 overindulgences might wreck havoc on  my next weigh-in this coming Thursday… I think I’ll be ok if I try hard today & tomorrow.

Anyway. It was a very fulfilled weekend & I loved every moment of it!!
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