My Intro
So.. Where do I start? 
Let me just say: this is my first blog. So be patient. Eventually I will get the grasp of it and be good ; ) (hopefully).
My name is Anna. I am 25 (very soon to be 26). For as long as I can remember.. I have struggled with my weight. I think a lot of people can relate to that. 
I love to write. I love to keep records. I love discovering and trying new diets and exercise routines. Maybe its not so much love as it is hope that "maybe this will finally be the one". But it keeps me going. I keep trying.. not always with great success.. but life goes on and I try again. 
I often hear that "writing it down" helps with pretty much everything. Thus this blog. I decided I can kill a few birds with just one stone. I can and will use this blog to "record" my journey, my ups and downs, not just in my weight loss battle, but in my life as well (I hope there will be a lot more downs in the weight category, and a lot more ups in my life ). That's one bird. The other bird is me being held accountable not only to myself, but to my readers also. When a tempting piece of candy is calling my name.. I will think twice about eating it because I know that later on I have to tell the whole world that I gave in. I don't want to do that. Yet another bird is advice and motivation. I will post blogs on here and I WILL have questions or dilemmas. I will really want your feedback. Advice is awesome!
So not to drag this out anymore... be patient with me... Be supportive... Keep tabs on me and help me to stay focused on my weight loss goal. Motivate me. Educate me.
I am very excited and look forward to making this blog (and my weight loss) a success!
Please join me for the adventure!

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2 Responses
  1. free2dream Says:

    I wish you luck on your journey! From my goal-reaching experience, I suggest taking baby steps. If you try leaping ahead of yourself you will end up flat on your face and back where you started. Whereas, little steps give your reassurance every step of the way! Good luck!

  2. its.me518 Says:

    That is GREAT advice! I always try to leap. And you are right. I DO always end up back where I started. Baby steps are hard. I want INSTANT gratification. I know its not possible though. I will try to start thinking baby steps now. A tiny step at a time. Otherwise, I get way too burned out and give up.. thanks for the wake up call!

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