What a day!
Today was definitely "A DAY"! I got up at 4:50 AM ... (I know.. I must be crazy or something!)... I felt a "little something" coming on. So I decided to take some precautions. I took Zinc.. on an empty stomach... and I went to exercise. About 10 minutes into my DVD... I felt SO nauseous. The next 40 minutes or so were spent alternating between exercising and puking. Finally I just quite exercising. I just sat there. I had to get ready for work by this time.. except I was still unable to leave the bathroom. At that moment, oh how I wished Jo was not on her vacation. I didn't even have the option of calling in sick. I had NO idea why I was puking or how long it would last. 
Eventually I started feeling better. I was able to get ready for work. Before I left, I went and had a talk with my husband. I asked him how he feels when he takes the Zinc. He said he feels nauseous and has to just be still for a while. OH. That would have been nice to know!! Here I am doing a TON of movements... No wonder I puked. 
So here's my wise advice to you: Do NOT take Zinc on an empty stomach. And when you do take Zinc... make sure to stay as still as possible for a while.. 

If you have a great source of Zinc, that does NOT make one spend the morning puking, let me know what it is ; ) I'm on the lookout for a great supplement ; )

Oh. As for my dieting. I was a little bummed, with my exercise routine being "ruined", I just didn't even feel like trying during the day. The whole day just felt ruined (diet wise). But I still kept an "eye" out and was careful not to overindulge.
Oh but get this. Today was "weigh" day. I weighed in this morning (don't judge me and DON'T be mean!) at a whopping 185.4. I know. That's like a ton. After I was done exercising/puking I thought it'd be fun to weight in again. Lost the .4 lol... hhmm... maybe I don't mind puking all the much ; )

In the evening we went to a birthday party. It was nice. Lots of food to indulge in. I would say I did pretty well. Kept myself under control... did have some sweets though ; ) 

There was a lady at this party. I think she comments about my weight EVERY single time I see her... so her comment today was.. "remember that ONE time you used to be skinny".... um yeah.. sure.. cause there WAS only that ONE time. Jeeze. Seriously?? I never know what to say to those kinds of comments. Or to those kinds of people. They frustrate me. As if that's ALL that matters is my weight. Seriously, it gets annoying. But I guess its those kinds of people and those kinds of comments that make me want to try harder. Just to not have to listen to them anymore. I bet even if I was super stick skinny... they'd still think I was too fat. 

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