Master Cleanse - Day 2
For some reason I thought that the 1st day would be the hardest on this cleanse. Let me tell you; I was WRONG!! The 2nd day was torture!! I wanted to quit early in the morning. I did not think  I could continue. I know. I sound like a total wimp. But give me some credit, I'm STARVING!! 

It was really funny now that I think about it, but all day, everyone who came to talk to me smelled like FOOD!! Ugh! Any type of food I thought about, I wanted it so bad!! 

I had to call my husband for some "pep" talks. He knew how badly I wanted to succeed on this cleanse, so he did a really good job talking me through my hard moments. I am very thankful for him and his support through ALL my diets ; )

I am writing this on the 3rd morning of the cleanse. I'll summarize day 2 for you: TORTURE and I was STARVING... but again, NOT physically, but mentally. I find this to be quite weird. Physically I felt just fine, I did get a really bad headache, and due to the fact that I had another 8 hours at work, I took some Tylenol. That kicked in really fast, and I felt absolutely perfect the rest of the day. I know. It doesn't make sense to take Tylenol on a cleanse, but I was pretty desperate and I figure it'll get cleansed out ; )

Anyway my brain thought it needed pizza and hamburgers and hot dogs (which I hardly EVER eat). We watched some movies in the evening, and everytime there was an eating seen,  I had to look away and almost cry. I wanted food SO BAD!!

Thankfully, I have completed 2 full days of the cleanse. They say the longer you do it, the easier it gets.. We'll see..

This morning I woke up feeling quite weak. I weighed in another pound less. So within the last 2 days, I have lost 4 pounds. Not bad. 

I drank some water with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. That seemed to help my weakness quite a bit. Then I proceeded to make the lemonade the RIGHT way this time. I put the boys to work squishing the lemons so that they would be nice and soft (I read that makes them juice easier and more) After they were done, I juiced the lemons (5 of them) which gave me 18 Tablespoons which equals 9 cups of lemonade (a perfect amount). Then I added 18 Tablespoons of Organic Maple Syrup to it and almost a full teaspoon of cayenne pepper. 

I drank it with a lot of excitement since that was my only food source. It tasted SO good!!! I chugged about 12 ounces of that right away. It gave me the strength and energy I needed. Now I feel just fine. Not hungry at all (physically). Right now I am sitting writing this right next to the table where my family is enjoying their breakfast. It smells UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS!! I am avoiding looking that way. Ugh. I wish I wasn't so obsessed with food. But then again, that is just another reason why I want to complete this cleanse. I'm hoping that I will realize that I can survive without food and that I will only eat it when I need it for nutrition and not for any other reasons.

Let me know if you have ever done this... but I only want SUCCESS stories. I do NOT want to be discouraged........
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