Master Cleanse - Day 3
I completed day 3 of the cleanse. I am quite shocked at myself. Very surprised that I have not quit yet. Oh how many times I've wanted to. 

Day 3 was ok. The not eating was pretty easy. The lemonade tasted ok for the most part. There were times where I really did not want to drink it, but I made myself and I instantly felt better. 

Around dinner time, for about 30 minutes, I became extremely angry. I was a little scared, but I wanted to eat SO bad and I was SO mad that I could not eat. I wanted to beat something. Sounds awful, I know. I just went to the basement and did some laundry through tears of anger. After that brief episode, I felt fine the rest of the evening. I still wanted to eat, but I was no longer mad about it.

This morning (day 4) I woke up 3 more pounds lighter. That puts me at a total loss of 7 pounds within the last 3 days. I am super excited about that. I have also noticed that my stomach is becoming a little bit flatter. It still has layers and rolls (gross!) but I am starting to notice a difference.

I am really excited that I have done it this long. My 1st goal was to do it for 3 days. I have reached that goal. My next goal is 10 days. My ULTIMATE goal is 40 days. I really want to reach that one, but we'll see how I continue to feel. 

I am really truly amazed at how I feel. I have not had ANY caffeine within the last 3 days, and granted, I have taken a few naps, but I feel great. My moods are quite happy, I am not irritated at all. I think I am a lot more cheerful, actually. The only outburst was the one that lasted 30 minutes, and then I was done. I am not tired. I feel really healthy. I am surprised that I can "survive" without food. Before this, I swore I had to eat every 3 hours or I felt sick, but now I realize that I can live without food. Physically, I feel perfect. My brain on the other hand keeps sending my pictures of all the foods that I would LOVE to indulge in right now.. and its mainly really unhealthy foods such as hamburgers, pizza, pelmeni, Chinese food... ugh.. I can't even write about it. Makes me want to have them SO bad!!

I informed my husband very kindly that after I am done with this we are SO TOTALLY going out to eat!!

I am already half way through the 4th day  at this point... and so far so good.... I have only had about 12 oz of the lemonade today, so I better starting drinking more of it. I don't want my body to go into starvation mode. I do feel a little weak at the moment, but I know that the minute I drink the lemonade, I will feel absolutely fine.

I have noticed that on day 3 my tongue started to feel a little funny; it felt extremely smooth. I have a few new zits on face (not too excited about that), and this afternoon (day 4) my lower back has started to ache. I am not worried, but actually excited. I want my body to clean itself out thoroughly.

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