Last Update - Summary for 2010
I know I haven’t updated in a while. Been meaning to, but it’s been just such a busy, fun month that I just put it off… until now.

So my goal for December was to lose 7 pounds by New Years so I could be “ok” with wearing a bathing suit at our hotel pool. Yeah. That did NOT happen. Not only did I not lose the 7 pounds, but I gained 1 on top of that!! At least it’s just 1 and not more. But still, it sucks.

I started the year at my highest (non-pregnancy) weight ever. In January I weighed in at 194.0. Crazy!! I gave birth to my 3rd child at 193 2 years prior to this… so to not be pregnant and to weight that much… not cool at all!!

In January 2010 I started a work provided program called Naturally Slim. Within 10 weeks, I lost 10 pounds. After that I tried several other diets such as the South Beach Diet & also Weight Watchers amongst a few others. The lowest that I got down to for the whole year was 178.1. I was on a roll and very excited. But that’s as far as I got. Little by little, instead of going down, my weight started creeping back up…

Now it’s December 2010, and I weighed in at 188.0 this morning. So that’s a total of 6 pounds lost in 1 whole year. Kind of seems horrible. But if I look on the bright side, it is 6 pounds down instead of up for the year.

I have big plans and hopes for my weight in 2011. I plan to jump right in come January and really stay focused and stick to ONE diet for the whole year, instead of trying a new one every few weeks and not really giving it time to work the way it’s supposed to.

My diet choice for 2011 is Naturally Slim. Why? Because it’s the easiest, the cheapest, and it’s the one I lost the most weight on in 2010. I only gave it 10 weeks in 2010 and I lost 10. So, if I give it the full 52 weeks in 2011, I could be 52 pounds lighter by 2012…. Actually, I would like to be 50 pounds lighter by May of 2011… but we’ll see how that goes.

Hope you have a wonder New Year’s celebration!! Spend plenty quality time with your loved ones, enjoy your time, and may you have a blessed 2011!!
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