I got an iPhone!
Apple iPhone 3Gs 16GB Black OS 4.0 (Refurbished)
I have great news! I finally got an iPhone!! For those of you that know me well, you know that I have wanted one badly for SO long!! But finally, I have one!! And do I love it?? Yes I do!! Not only is it as good as I thought it would be, it’s even better!!

There are so many awesome apps on there that you can download, and there are tons that are free! I have many on there that work really well to track your weight loss (or gain), the food that you eat during the day, counts your calories, there are also apps that track your exercise, give you advice, track how much water you drink during the day. I am really big on “seeing”, so I REALLY enjoy tracking all my stuff, that way I can see it all laid out for me in graphs or charts or whatever way I choose to organize it.

A few of my favorite apps are:

- MyFitnessPal (tracks pretty much all your weight related stuff)

- TargetWeight (tracks your weight, sets goals, lets you know how much you got to lose by when)

Water Lite
- Water Lite (tells you how much water you should be consuming for the day, and keeps track of how much you actually drank)

- Ideal Weight (tells you what YOUR ideal weight should be; according to them, my weight should be 153 pounds, which sounds right to me. That means I have to lose 30 pounds!! Wow!! That’s a big number! But, I’ll break it down, maybe into 10s, or even 7s, and try to aim at smaller goals at a time…hopefully, sooner than later, I will reach my Ideal Weight)

So far those are my favorite weight loss tools on there…. Keep in mind though, I have only had the iPhone for like 2 weeks or so, so I have yet to look through all the apps… and we’re just the talking the free ones for now.. who knows how many awesome ones there are that you actually have to pay for ; ) maybe one day I’ll splurge and purchase a few… lol

I would like you to share with me. What are YOUR favorite apps on the iPhone? Are there any on there that you think are worth paying for? Have any of them actually helped you in your weight loss journey??

Looking forward to hearing from you!!
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