Juice Cleanse Day 5
Yay!!! I did it!!! 5 days down.... who knows how many more to go!! 

This morning was a little different. I knew deep down that I should NOT weigh myself. I just FELT that the scale would show a gain (partly because I have not really had a... um... BM : ( But still, I got on the scale, and I was not at all surprised when the scale read 188.0 That is a .4 gain from yesterday. Yeah, I don't understand it either. How do you GAIN weight when you are NOT eating? Mind boggling.. but non the less, the story of my life.. lol... I tend to gain weight no matter what I'm doing...

I didn't feel like juicing this morning, so I had no juice for breakfast, nor did I take any to work with me. Big mistake. I didn't feel so good. Actually, I felt like I was starving.. lol... I didn't have my usual energy nor good mood. Around 11 or so I decided to have some green tea with honey to see if that would make me feel better and give me energy...

5 days ago, I was an absolute coffeaholic... I loved the taste and the caffeine effect it had on me... Today, as I took a few sip of this green tea, I felt the caffeine effect instantly. Wow.. it did not feel good at this moment... 

For lunch, I went on a walk again. Up the South Hill for about 25 minutes, then I stopped by Huckleberry's to pick up some more juicing ingredients.. and then back down to work. So overall, I walked for about 50 minutes.. Felt great!!

At Huckleberry's I was able to buy myself "lunch":

Don't get me wrong, I was very grateful to have some "food"... but man, it was absolutely NASTY!!! LOL!!! Horrible!! I mean, look at the ingredients... super healthy... but not the best flavor... I poured some into a cup and diluted it with water... and chugged it as fast as I could without throwing up.... but at least it made me feel better .. and that was the point : )

So like I mentioned earlier... I haven't been doing so well with the actual "cleansing" process... so I did some research to see what helps a person "clean out" naturally with out having to go to my trusted "Smooth Move" laxative tea....

This is the concoction I got :

2 small beets WITH the greens
1 WHOLE lemon with a little bit of the peel left on
Way TOO much ginger... blah
1 WHOLE apple...

The ginger smelled absolutely AMAZING!!! Totally reminded me of sushi... yum!! Can't wait till I get to enjoy that again.... ugh... here come the hunger pangs.. lol

Anyway, the juice actually turned out OK. I think next time I will add another apple or 2 and DEFINITELY put WAY LESS ginger in.. other than that, its not bad at all...
In the evening, the boys and I went to the Library and I got to look at some juicing books. 1 that I got I am REALLY excited about!! It's bright pink, with lots of pictures and simple, delicious juice ideas with explanations of the benefits of each juice... the other book... well, I will TRY to look through it. Its quite boring.. absolutely no pictures... so its really unappealing, but a juice or 2 in there did catch my attention.. So I'm excited to look into some juice recipes and actually start making good tasting juice and not just whatever's in my fridge... : )

Let me just say that the Beet juice I had this evening did help me "cleanse"... it took about 3 hours for it to kick in, but it finally did... So I will keep it on my list of regular juices.. lol... you know, to help me stay regular... : ) after all, the scale won't go down it there's "stuff" stuck in me.. eew...too much information..

Juicing Cleanse Stats:

Started Juicing: September 22, 2011
Starting Weight: 192.0
Evening of Day 3: 190.2
Morning of Day 4: 187.6
Morning of Day 5: 188.0 WEIRD!! 

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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    Im happy you got cleansed out a bit :-)
    good job on completing day 5!!

  2. Anna Says:

    Lol... Thanks Anna ; ) Its a gross topic, but if I didn't disclose the gross details too, then I'd be lying to my readers... haha... eew...

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