Juice Cleanse Day 6
I guess I don't have much to update today. Kind of a "no actions" day. 

I lost another pound as of this morning. I was quite thrilled with that. That's 5 pounds in 5 days.. not bad... not bad at all...I can stand losing 1 pound a day  ; ) lol

I didn't feel like juicing today, and I had some left over juice from yesterday. So I just juiced 2 apples and added it to my leftover beet juice... it wasn't the best tasting, but it was absolutely bearable. I sipped on it all day. It held me over just fine. 

When I got home, I almost started crying. I REALLY wanted to cry. My husband had cooked the most amazing looking/smelling food ever!! And they were eating it as I got home. One of my most favorite foods is chicken wings. Doesn't matter what flavor, I just ABSOLUTELY love them!! And that's what they were having for dinner. BBQ'd chicken wings!! I just stood there, held back my tears, and took in the smell.

But God helped me through this horrible temptation. I went to the kitchen and made myself some tea... while I was waiting for my tea to brew I decided to eat... yep.. you read that right. I decided to finally eat!!!

Yep, that's what I ate. Honey. I actually chewed honey. Lol... but let me tell you, it tasted absolutely amazing!!! It made me feel so good!! : )

That's about it for today... drank my tea... laid around... drank my beet/apple juice.... now I'm writing this... gonna finish all my leftover juice later tonight so that tomorrow I can juice me something fresh. Not sure what it's gonna be : / Gonna try to use whatever ingredients I have left over... not too many good ones... blah...

Not sure if I'm gonna weigh myself tomorrow morning or not... I guess I'll see how I feel in the morning...For now my goal is to do this for 10 days... after that, we'll see...

Juicing Cleanse Stats:

Started Juicing: September 22, 2011
 Starting Weight: 192.0
Evening of Day 3: 190.2
Morning of Day 4: 187.6
Morning of Day 5: 188.0 WEIRD!!  
Morning of Day 6: 187.0 DOWN 5 POUNDS in 5 DAYS!!!
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4 Responses
  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    once again good job!
    everyday is success!! so keep it up!!
    im happy to hear about your one more pound loss! :-)
    hey, so how about when you hit your 20 pds off ill take you out for jumba juice!! :-) i have faith in you, you can do this-and you will be happy :-)
    (i would take you out for dinner....BUT juice is all you can have....

  2. I'm very glad and impressed that you were able to withstand eating these yummy chicken pieces :)

    Keep it up, beautiful :)

  3. Valik Says:

    Good job Anna!! Keep juicing!

  4. Anna Says:

    Aw!! Thank you all for such sweet comments!! It is you help & support (God of course) that help me get through each day!! Even the hard ones with chicken wings around ; )

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