Juice Cleanse Day 20
I am officially 1/2 way done with this Juicing Cleanse!! Yay!! I am so super happy!! To be honest (lol, as if I always lie on here), I am super duper surprised that I have actually lasted this long. I tell my husband almost every day, that if it wasn't for Jenni calling me and checking up on me and encouraging me every single day, I would have quit on the very 1st day. But I can't let her (and myself) down so I continue to chug along...

Let my just summarize the last 20 days. OMG!!! CRAZY HARD!!! Valik put this wonderfully in his video blog. Juicing Sucks!!! lol

Quite honestly, I am very surprised at how fast the last 20 days have gone by. I would say that 80% of the time, it is very easy. But the 20% that is hard, is almost unbearably hard!! So it like over powers the 80% that is easy.

The hardest parts are when there is yummy food around, and I can't have any. Like tonight, my family was enjoying a super delicious meal while I just sat there.
I know I look happy, but don't be fooled.. lol.. I was very sad ; )

Anyway, I must say I am proud of myself for getting this far. I gagged my way through this. I whined my way through this (poor Jenni and Vlad, had to listen to me almost day & night...lol). I even cried my way through this. But non the less, I have gotten to this point, and it feels really good!! I just have to take it 1 day at a time. Not think of it as "Oh, another 20 days to go". No, when I do that, I freak out and want to quit. But I just tell myself I only need to make it to this evening and thats it. And I lie to myself like that every day. Lol, no wonder my body doesn't trust me ; )

At work today a salesman walked up to me and just kinda stood there. After a few seconds he said "You must be on some sort of a diet, huh?" I quickly looked around for any sign of my juice, but none was there, so I stared at him and asked why he would say that and to my happiness he said "I've noticed that you've been losing quite a bit of weight." That was quite pleasant for my ears. I guess it means that this is working!

So after completing this Juice Cleanse for a full 20 days now, I am happy to report that I am down 13.2 pounds. I was really hoping to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, but obviously that did not happen. But I am very grateful for the weight that I have lost. It has been impossible for me to get out of the 190's and now to be in the 170's, quite a good feeling. Don't get me wrong, I still want to lose at least another 24 pounds, but for now I am content with teh 13 that I lost.

Juicing Cleanse Stats:

Started Juicing: September 22, 2011
 Starting Weight: 192.0
Evening of Day 3: 190.2
Morning of Day 4: 187.6
Morning of Day 5: 188.0 WEIRD!!  
Morning of Day 6: 187.0 DOWN 5 POUNDS in 5 DAYS!!! 
Morning of Day 8: 184.4 Down 7 Pounds in 7 days!! 
Morning of Day 9: 183.4 Down 8.6 pounds in 8 days!! 
Morning of Day 10: 183.2Down 8.8 in 9 Days!! 
Morning of Day 11: Still 183.2 
Morning of Day 15 (2 full weeks done!): 179.8 Down 12.2 pounds!!
Morning of Day 21: 178.8 Down 13.2 pounds! 

20 days done, 20 more to go!!
13 pounds down, 24 more to go!!
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    20 days!! wow wow wow!! so awesome!! Keep it going Anna!!

  2. Jenni Says:

    That wall color really suits you ;o)

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