Morning of Juice Cleanse Day 24
Today started off wonderfully!!
I weighed in at 177.4!!! That's 14.6 pounds lost thus far. Finally, the scale moved in my favor!! 4 more ounces to lose and I will be at my next goal mark.. 15 pounds lost!! Can't wait!

This morning I decided to go through pretty much all my clothes. I must say, it took a lot of time and energy, but I did it!! And to my great surprise and joy, all my clothes fit me!!! I must admit, some can still wait till I lose a few more pounds, but the majority fit wonderfully!! Not only did they fit, some I had to just get rid of cause they are just ridiculously big now and look absolutely disgusting on me!! That was a WONDERFUL feeling!! I have a few work pants that still fit OK, but I think come next weekend, I will probably have to go shopping for a few pairs of pants. Shirts are great. They used to be really tight on me, but not they just fit right.. so I'm OK on shirts for a while.

This is really exciting!! I'm glad to see and feel results, definitely makes it a lot easier to continue doing this. When all is well, I actually get sad that the fast is over in just 16 days... then as soon as I see/smell food like at this moment (my family is enjoying a meal right behind me as I sit here blogging) then 16 days seem like insanely too long and I just want to quit. But I'll keep doing what I've been doing. Taking it one day at a time. Whining. Smelling every one's food. Whining some more. I do A LOT of whining on this fast in case you didn't notice. But I've gotten this far. 24 days!! What's another 16... lol... 

If average weight loss on this is 1/2 pound a day, in 16 more days I should lose 8 more pounds. Mathematically, that would put me at a 22 pound weight loss in 40 days. Not bad I'd say. Hopefully I will lose at least 22 pounds if not even more... 

Anyway.. The day has just begun... (well, its 11am, so it began a few hours ago, but I was busy) I still haven't had a single juice yet this morning... better go juice something... this is how the thought of juicing makes me feel... lol..

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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    girl, girl, girl!!!
    you are looking soo freaking good!! (i looked at your photo below) and WOW!!! i can see why all your workers are loading you with complements!! cuz you look so good!!! keep it up lady! im so proud of you!!

  2. Anna Says:

    Aw thank you Anna!! Its so exciting for me for people to actually start noticing these changes in me. Makes me feel good and is definitely motivating to keep going!! Can't wait to see you in real life ; )

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