Juice Clease Day 24
Today was a good day. I had a few tough moments, but thank God I got through it quite easily. 

I don't like juicing. I don't like the act itself of putting everything through the juicer and then the cleanup, nor do I like actually drinking the juice. So to make life easier for myself, either I or my sweet husband will juice me 64 ounces of juice at one time to last me the whole day. Yeah, I know, its not the best way to go.. but it works for me. 

So this morning I juiced this: 1/3 box of organic leafy greens, 1/2 a beet with greens, 4 apples, 1/3 lemon, 3 red kale leafs, and about 7 carrots.

This didn't quite fill my quota of 64 ounces, so separately I juiced 1 whole lemon and 2 apples. It tasted quite good, like lemonade (a bit on the sour side). 

We went to my nephew Phillips 1st birthday party. It was a wonderful occasion. I had a superb time with my family (I absolutely love family get togethers!!). There was plenty of delicious food, and yet, for some odd reason, I did not have a hard time resisting. I did a lot of smelling once again, and yes, I even took a few sucks of the amazing chicken that was there. But other than that, I was perfectly ok. Just enjoyed my time with my family members.

So like I said, today was a good day.... I sure hope that tomorrow morning makes me happy again and puts me on the 15 pounds lost milestone marker.

Oh, I decided to put on a tightener for tonight's occasion. I used to wear them almost every single day, but I have not worn it even once since I've been juicing. Well let me tell ya... yuck!! I absolutely hated being it in. So I think I will not be wearing one ever again... hopefully. 

That's all for now.. off to finish some laundry, then to sleep I shall go... Hopefully tomorrow will be a fantastic day and not hard at all to resist eating all the yumminess at my mother in law's house....

Oh!! My amazing sister and her husband surprised Vlad & I tonight with some movie tickets (we want to see Courageous) and offered to baby sit our boys... We are planning on definitely taking them up on the offer.. so I am looking forward to a date night here soon... it sucks that we can't go out for dinner though... but the movie should still be fun!! Thanks Jenni & Valik!! Love you lots!!
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  1. Jenni Says:

    Well... You could juice the popcorn :o/ But I wouldn't recommend it ;o)

  2. Sweet Treats Says:

    aww soo sweet of Jenni & Valik! Must be so nice to have them in your life and for them to be such great support for you!!


  3. Anna Says:

    EEEeewww Jenni! That's so gross!! But you know what I am actually thinking of doing.. lol... sucking on the popcorn.. yum!!! Then spitting the mush out... ; )

    Anna! We are just unspeakable grateful for Valik & Jenni in our lives! They are the very best friends we could ever ask for!! Not only are they super supportive, but they give us gifts too!! lol!!! Even with a bit of humor, I am truly grateful for them!! You as well Anna! Your support and friendship make a huge impact on me daily!!

  4. Sweet Treats Says:

    how did you like the movie, its on our to do list!!

  5. Anna Says:

    Anna, we haven't gone yet. Our date is set to this Saturday, the 22nd of October. Can't wait.. I'll let you know after we see it...

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