Crazy Busy Weekend
Wow.... so I don't even know where to start. It's been a while since I had a moment to get on here... so this will be quite a long update. Hope I don't bore you too much ; )
Up until last Friday (April 23rd) my dieting was going well. I was making conscious decisions and tryingn hard, knowing that Saturday was coming up and we were going to a Chinese Buffet.
So Friday night we went to my sister Jenni's (and her family's) house. She is really into baking right now. So there were fresh out of the oven "poppy seed bulochki" (looks like a cinnamon roll minus the frosting) and some yummy cake. We watched Young Victoria. Don't ask me what I thought of it... I accidentally fell asleep through the middle hour or so of it... so I'll have to watch it again. After the movie ended, we did what most Russians do. We had tea with "bulochki". And you can't just have one ; )...

Saturday morning I went in to work for a few hours to help with the "inventory". That was kinda fun. They served us a typical breakfast: Starbucks coffee and doughnuts ; ) Can you imagine a tiny room full of people loaded with caffeine and sugar?? lol.... actually... I left a few hours into it.. so I don't know if anything "out of the ordinary" happened....
At 2pm we met up with my parents, brothers, and sisters at the "Best Of China" Buffet for my brother in law (Valik's) 32nd birthday. It was fun and I was able to hold my self from eating everything in sight. Actually, I didn't have much of an appetite due to the fact that "someone" had REALLY made my blood boil just a few minutes prior to the party starting. I mainly focused on the sushi there. It was really good that day.
After the restaurant we all headed over to my parents house so that we can just relax and hang out. We also had dessert there. There were several delicious homemade cakes to choose from... that I could not resist, so I can a slice..... maybe two...but who was counting?? lol...
At around 8pm we decided to call it a day and started getting all the kids ready to head home.. when out of no where Jenni and Valik were like "lets all go to a hotel"... um.... ok. It was one of those "spontaneous" moments. We all headed to our homes, packed a few necessities and met at Ameritel out in Coeur D Alene, ID. 
One of the many things that we really like about this particular hotel is that the swimming pool/ hot tub is open 24 hours. So from Saturday night until Monday morning... we spent most of our time alternating between swimming, eating, and lounging around. There were a few occasions when we went for walks or shopping.. but the kids mainly wanted to swim.. so swim we did! It was truly refreshing for the body, mind, heart, and soul to be able to just relax and spend so much quality time with the people that we love so dearly!! It was a little hard to leave our "little unexpected vacation" behind and return to normal life, but it had to be done. 
Tomorrow is my weekly weight in. I gotta warn myself (and you)... it might not be a "weight down" day... I mean really, when a person spends a full weekend surrounded by food..... you know what that means to the scale..... I'm sorta dreading it lol... But come morning.. I will get on that scale.. and I will report back here....

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