Day 2
Today was quite different. I got off work early (Thanks Meghan!).. so I took the opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (not literally). I got to spend some quality time with my younger sister Alyona and at the same time I got to take care of some shopping needs for my boys. Some stores are actually closed by the time I'm off work (usually close to 6pm) so I have a hard time getting to them. It was a fun afternoon. 
Having so much fun actually made it really hard for me to reach my goal for today. I achieved 2 out of my 3 goals. I got 10,156 steps in, AND I did NOT have ANY sugar!! Now THAT was hard. Probably harder today than yesterday. For some reason, I was craving sugar so badly, and watching my sister sip on her Italian Soda did NOT help... I tried to focus on other things... and chew some xylitol gum. It seemed to help.
Spry Xylitol GumI love chewing Spry Xylitol Gum. It is sugar free, but it has xylitol in it which is acutally GOOD for your teeth (and it tastes just like a regular piece of gum). Having xylitol in a piece of gum does NOT count as having sugar, but it is very helpful in curbing the craving. The picture on the left is the gum that I am talking about. Try it.

The one goal that I was not able to achieve today was to finish drinking my 96 ounces of water. I would have done it, if I would have taken the water with me. I did not expect to be out and about, so I was unprepared. I was about 2 cups short on my water intake today. Not too bad, but I still failed to achieve my goal. Bummer. I will definitely have to try harder tomorrow.
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