Day 3 & 4 (Plus the WEIGHT IN)
I haven't had a chance to get on the computer for personal use (I'm on it all day at work, just can't do "my" things from there). I'm happy to say that day 3 and 4 went very well. Both days I achieved my set goals (besides the little sugar/health issue). I drank well past my 96 ounces of water both days. On day 3 I had a little issue. I took my lunch to work with me. Was STARVING by 9am ( I usually do NOT eat breakfast), so I ate my lunch food. I was fine until about 4pm, but then I started feeling hunger kick in again. By about 5:30pm, I thought I was gonna pass out. I have times where my blood sugar drops too low if I don't eat for a long time... this was one of them. So I needed to make a decision. I could have some sugar (hot chocolate was the pick of the moment) or I could risk fainting... hhhhmmm... what a choice. What do you think I did?? Yep, I gave in and had some hot chocolate. That was my sugar for the day... I'm not too worried about it thought cause it had way more water in it that was "suggested" on the packet. AND I had a lot more plain water after that. Within about 5 minutes, I felt great! 
As for my steps: day 3 I was able to get in 10,626 (we rented Arctic Tale for the boys and I walked through pretty much the whole thing).
Day 4 was a little more fun and easier to get the steps in. I was invited out to lunch with a few girls. So I walked from my work all the way down to Olive Garden downtown. I really enjoyed the walk. Had a fun lunch of bread-sticks and soup (there was salad too... but I didn't want any)... then we walked around a bit, did a tiny bit of shopping... and I walked back to work. That got me quite a lot of steps. 
It was such WONDERFUL weather, I called my husband and asked him to have the boys ready so we could go somewhere as soon as I got home. We ended up getting together at my parents "farm" with my siblings for a very fun evening. I was the first to get there, so while I was waiting for everyone else to show up, I got a few thousands steps in.. I did some walking, some jogging, lol... the goats and cows were eying and following me along the fence. They probably thought I was quite weird. But it was very different than my usual way of getting steps in! After everyone got there, the "camp" fire was set up and we sat around that for a few hours. I didn't sit too long.. took that time to get a few more steps in (I just walk in place). When I wear the step counter it makes me feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not moving... which is nice cause the more I move, the more fat melts off... so my total for day 4 was 11,927 steps. Not bad, I think.
So now for my weight in..... drum roll please......... anyone??? Ok... so I got on the scale yesterday and it read: 184.2 So I ALMOST lost a full pound... 2 more ounces... but I'm ok with that. Really ok actually.... makes me want to try even harder....
I know I wrote a lot... but I want to also add that I really didn't even think that anyone was reading my blog. But lately people have been "popping" up and supporting my idea of writing this down... that was really nice to hear. Thanks for everyone who is reading this and upholding me. This might not make sense to some people, but my weight has been a struggle all my life. For some odd reason it is REALLY hard for me to lose weight, no matter how hard I try. So even the slightest weight LOSS feels like GREAT SUCCESS to me! Thanks!!
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  1. Anna Says:

    keeping a weight-loss diary is one of the best ways to lose and keep the weight off! :)

    are you counting the sugar in foods? i know that many foods have sugar in it... or is it just actual sweets...?

    and weighing yourself in the morning, right after you pee is the best time to do it ;). your lowest weight is at that time :)..pretty awesome self-esteem boost! :)!

    good job!

  2. its.me518 Says:

    lol.. thanks for the peeing tip ; )

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