Weekend Update
This weekend has been so amazing and so full that I didn't even have the time to get on here and update my blog. I want to reassure all of you the I am still sticking to my goals. I want to say that for the last week, I am very proud of myself. I was able to achieve all my set goals for the week. 
I decided that I can be a little more lenient with myself on the weekends. Gives me some motivation to know that at the end of the week, I CAN have some yummy sugar! So this weekend, I allowed my self to enjoy a Chocolate Drumstick, and some birhtday cake (with a few random sweets on the side) all spread out through the days.
I went well above my goal for steps. Some days I almost reached 13,000. I love wearing this step counter. Instead of sitting for 2 hours while watching a movie, I actually walk about 80% of the time. The step counter totally keeps me moving. We were gathered around the bon-fire a few nights this week, and instead of just sitting there, I get up and march in place. I was told I look ridiculous.. but you know what.. I really don't care. It makes me feel really good to see the steps adding up. And I know its good for me to move instead of just sitting there like a blob. 
I don't think I've had such a wonderful weekend in a long time. I got off work decently early Friday, had ALL my sisters over for a small dinner/snack and a movie. It was a very late night. Saturday morning... Heather and her adorable kids came over for a play date. That was really fun. We were able to be outside most of the time and my 6 year old son was able to learn to ride an adult size bike. That was quite something to watch! 
After that we got together at my parents farm for quite a feast and then hung out around the bon-fire. Came home and watched The Time Travelers Wife with hubby.. the quality time was really nice. I'm not so sure about the movie. I guess it was ok. 
This morning was really amazing. It looked like summer. It smelled like summer. It felt like summer... we acted as if it were summer. LOVED it!! We went to a park, did some walking/hiking, then did some shopping.. (I LOVE shopping!!).. and then went to a birthday party. It seems like every single moment was busy with something fun to do. But I am now enjoying just being at home and relaxing. I gotta say... God sure is AWESOME!! He makes everything perfect!
A new week is right around the corner. I am hoping to achieve ALL my goals again. Just to summarize for the up coming week: at least 96oz of water, at least 10,000 steps, and no sugar.... so help me God... 
Come on people!! Give me some comments... motivate me... be supportive!
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  1. Inna Says:

    Way to go Anna!! You are gonna look hot for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. its.me518 Says:

    Ugh!! I only wish!! I think I've wished that every summer for the last like 10 years... lol... but thanks!

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