Day One of Our Trip
Had to pack and finish up last minute details, so it was after midnight before we hit the bed. When the alarm went off this morning... it was SO hard to get up!! But knowing that we had fun waiting for us, made it easier. We were able to pack the car, eat breakfast, and were on the road at 8am..
Two hours into the trip, we all needed a break. So we made a pit stop in Pasco. The boys decided it was time for a snack, so off we went shopping at Walmart... I'm still trying to be conscious of my weight watchers points, so I was looking for something within my limit. I found a weight watchers yogurt that was only worth 1 point. So I decided to try it. I got the Berries and Cream kind... here is my review: ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY IT!! Taste wise, it was not too bad. I did not like the fact that I could taste fake sugar in it.. but other than that it was ok. Definitely did not taste delicious, but it was doable. Here's the bad part. Right after I ate it... my stomach started feeling really weird. And, it's been about 12 hours since I've eaten it, I still feel really sick to my stomach. And no, its not something else. I felt absolutely fine until I ate that yogurt. So... I will NOT be buying that again...
Back to our trip.. We got to Portland about 3 pm and went to have lunch at Elmers. Never heard of it before, but it was the only non fast food place by the outlet mall.. so we tried it. And actually, it was really pretty good. Nice, clean environment, friendly, and the food tasted really good at a very reasonable price. We'll have to see if we have one in Spokane. I guess I can say its like the higher end of a Denny's. Nothing fancy, but not even close to as bad as Denny's or Shari's. 
After that it was off to my shopping "heaven". Wow. You should see this outlet strip. It's CRAZY packed with so many fun stores!! My goal was to go into the Gap, the Coach, and a few of the other kids stores. Let me tell you, I could spend days here. The GAP was amazing. SO much to choose from, and the prices really ARE so much less than at the actual store!! I was very pleased. The next store that amazed me was the Osh Kosh for kids. Now THOSE are some awesome prices!! Really good quality stuff, and it was like 60% off!! After that we went through a few more stores. Stopped by the Ralph Lauren Polo store... as we were checking out, the cashier asked for our last name. Why?? So we told her to proceed without our last name, and she informed us that she could not. She needed our last name THAT bad. Ok, what kind of garbage is that?? We still refused. And wow, amazingly, she was able to check us out without having our last name since we wouldn't give it to her... how dumb is that!?
So then, finally we were on our way to my long awaited Coach store... I was so excited!! As we came up to the store, we noticed a HUGE line waiting by the entrance. That made me think twice... I was not about to wait in line to go into a store with 3 kids after spending all day driving, and then a few hours shopping. That was just not gonna happen. PLUS there was a security guy by the door and it looked like he was checking people. Don't ask me for what... that was just weird. So we walked up to the store, and I just stood peering into the window like a sad puppy who hasn't eaten in days looking into the window of a rotisserie chicken... and off we went... I did not get to even look at them up close... but the longer I peered at them... the less impressed I was with them. They were not really all the cute. And definitely not worth the hundreds that they cost. Its just all in the name. I noticed that about a lot of stuff. I'd pick up a shirt, and I'm not impressed with it in the slightest, but as soon as I see what brand it is, it instantly becomes so much cuter. How dumb is that!? Now don't get me wrong, I will NOT be upset if I get a Coach bag for my birthday.. no way.... but I'm over my obsession with them... time to move on ; )
After all that, we were finally on our way to my cousins house where we will be spending this trip. All of a sudden, there was HORRIBLE traffic!! And this is Saturday, at round 7pm. WHY would there be traffic?? So after being stuck in it for a long time we finally pulled up to the the culprit that was causing the commotion. It was a lonesome boat standing in the middle of the freeway. Really. All we saw was a tow truck hooking the boat and trailer to itself to haul it off.... odd..
Finally we made it to our destination. It is so nice to be here again. It's been 3 years, but I am sitting in the same exact bedroom as I did before. The family is so pleasant and so hospitable. The kids are getting along really great, and its really nice to chat with my cousin who I don't see very often! All my point counting went out the window as soon as I saw the cake she made for us... not only was it homemade, beautiful, but it was so very delicious!!
I gotta say, my diet didn't go so well today, but the rest of life sure did! I feel so amazingly blessed at this moment!! Thank God for everything, and for all the amazing people He brings into our lives!!  
I hope the next few days here are really wonderful!!
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