My 2nd Week on Weight Watchers
This is Thursday. I weighed myself this morning. I was a little disappointed, but yet relieved at the same time. Let me explain. I have been on the weight watchers system since May 1st. Up to this day, I still have not had the time to actually study the program. That totally sucks! I keep telling myself to find the time to study the program and to PLAN!! I think that is my biggest down fall. I don't plan! I just need to figure out my meals for the full week and STICK TO THEM!!
This last week has NOT been a good diet week. Up until dinner, I do REALLY good... then its a baby shower feast... a day later its a Mothers Day feast.... a day after that its my Mother In Laws birthday feast. Has anyone ever tried to count points while eating foods at Russian parties?? Ugh! One salad (Olivye) contains like 10 different ingredients! But it sure does taste good! Seriously, eating foods NOT from a box is a bit time consuming when it comes to counting points...
Anyway, back to my weight in... Deep down inside, I knew that I was NOT going to lose any weight this week.. but I was really hoping NOT to gain any either. Well, I am happy to report that my "wish" came true. As I got on the scale this morning.. it showed exactly what it did last Thursday. 182.0 I did not gain, but I also did not lose. I just REALLY want to start being a lot more diligent! But then again, we are going on a trip to Portland for a 4 day weekend... How do you think I'm going to count points there while having NO access to the points calculator OR the IPhone.... just another reason why I need one ; )
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