Day Two of Our Trip
Saturday night, we went to sleep after midnight. I woke up about 3 am, feeling so sick to my stomach I could not sleep. I felt SO nauseous! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the bathroom and MADE myself throw up. I was in there for a long time.. when I came out, my cousin was standing there, waiting for me... lol.... I guess I wasn't as quiet as I thought I was. So we went downstairs. We stayed up talking and drinking tea till about 6am. Finally, we decided we better get some sleep since we had to be up in an hour. It was very nice to catch up, but not at the time I expected to.
We were up again by 7:30am... had breakfast, and off to church we went. The service was nice. I felt a little odd since I was almost the only one wearing jeans.. but it was ok.
The funny thing is that we saw a lot of people from Spokane who we normally DON'T see in Spokane. There was a marriage conference here Friday & Saturday, so my guess is that they came here for that. 
After that we went to a Chinese restaurant with a few more relatives. I was still feeling nauseous, so I told the waitress that I wasn't gonna eat.. yeah... that didn't last long. Within about 10 minutes of sitting, watching everyone, and smelling the food, I decided I could handle a little. I was right, I could handle just a tiny bit, and I started to feel sick again. I am so shocked how horribly the Weight Watchers yogurt affected me. And yes, I'm still sticking to that as the culprit. I've gone over everything in my head, and all of us have been eating the same food, same everything, except for the one container of yogurt. BUT maybe that's how it helps to lose weight... by making a person throw up for 24 hours... hhhmm...
After the restaurant,we came back home and all decided to take a rest... I guess I fell asleep and slept for a whole 2 hours.. when I awoke, everyone was already waiting for me.. but I felt SOO good! It felt like my nauseousness went away for the most part and I felt awesome.
So we went for a walk along the Columbia River... that was SO beautiful!! And it gave me about 7000 steps.... There were condos lining the walk path.. and I decided that I would not mind living in one of those... lol... it was just beautiful!
On the way home, we grabbed some pizza (thats what the kids were asking for, and who minds pizza anyway?) Came home had dinner at around 10pm.. and went to sleep again... 
Another fun day came to an end... I love being on vacation!! It seems like anything we do is so much fun! Just being able to hang out, relax and not have to worry about anything... love the feeling!!

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