My Birthday Wish List
This post is going to be a little different.. and will only concern a few people.. unless someone just wants to be generous ; )... my 26th birthday is coming up quite fast and I have had several people ask me what it is that I would like for a gift. 

Most everyone knows that I am not shy when it comes to declaring my gift wish list. So instead of repeating myself I decided to just post my list here.. that way everyone can read it, and I will not have any idea who is planning to give me what ; ) Clever idea, isn't it  ; ) lol

So here I go: the one thing that I would like the most is an IPhone. I know, its ridiculous.. but hey, its MY wish list, isn't it? So aren't I allowed to wish for anything I want?? The 2nd thing on my list is a really nice big purse/bag preferably a Coach... hehehe... after that I am not too sure. Gift cards are always good. Since I am trying to lose weight, smaller clothes will hopefully come in useful sooner than later...I need summer shoes... so maybe a DSW gift card or something?? If you think you found the perfect shoe for me (I'm a shoe size 10) please keep in mind that I do not wear high heels... I also LOVE to get my hair & nails done (but ONLY at my particular place)...  I would also like most anything that has to do with Weight Watchers. Since I am just starting out with my plan with them, I think anything will be useful, especially the Points Calculator and maybe their cookbooks.... Last, but definitely NOT least I could ALWAYS use $$$!! That way, maybe I can save up and buy myself the actual gifts ; ) 

Hows that for a list?? Plenty to choose from??
Well, I sure do hope this works out for all of us ; ) Have fun shopping for me ; ) lol..... 
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  1. Valik Says:

    nice list!! now we can go shop for your present. we looked at the Coach bags yesterday and they are as expensive as an iphone...

  2. Marinchik Says:

    yes Anna, we know how you are when it comes to gifts. you were NEVER shy about saying what you want. Lol well i dont know yet what i want.. still this isnt much options i am sure i will find whats Daniks wish list? lol this isnt just your BIRTHDAY, its his n e ways gots to go...hope you get sort of what you want...

  3. its.me518 Says:

    Valik: I know that the Coach bags are as expensive as the IPhone.. lol... that's why they are both on my WISH list and not in my hands! lol... Really though... I am not expecting anyone to spoil me like that.... Its just a wish...

  4. its.me518 Says:

    Marina: If I was the one doing the shopping for someones gift, I would LOVE to have a list!! Makes it so much better for all involved! Danik... hhmm... I think he would REALLY like to go to Chuck E Cheese... that could be your gift ; ) They have WAY too many toys... the only other thing is maybe some GOOD EDUCATIONAL game for the Xbox.... ; ) lol....

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