A New Start!
So I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. For some odd reason, I was feeling REALLY down. I think it might be hormonal ; ) I had several people text me, call me, or email me with WONDERFUL UPLIFTING words. Its so amazing to have caring people around. Thanks to all of you for being so sweet! 
I talked to one particular person who said she was having the same weight loss issues as me. But within the last 8-10 weeks or so, she has lost 35 pounds!! Now that to me is INSPIRING!!! Anyway, she said that the one thing she would recommend is Weight Watchers. Well, that was just the push I needed. I have been contemplating using Weight Watchers for probably over a year now, but it always just seemed too expensive and I wasn't sure if it would really work. I now know of about 5 people PERSONALLY who I have actually talked to that have lost weight using Weight Watchers and would totally recommend it. 
So guess what!!?? Last night, I FINALLY signed up for Weight Watchers!! I am so totally excited about it!! They made me set a "small" goal on there of losing 5% of my weight... so when I hit 176, I will celebrate!! It seems so doable now. 
Ugh!! I am just so excited this morning!! I'm full of hope!! I haven't eaten yet since signing up, but I can tell you for sure that after studying their "guide" I am so much more aware of the foods that I've been eating and how much they REALLY affect my weight!
I know that it will take a few days, maybe even weeks, for me to fully understand how the system works, but I am really looking forward to it! Right now I am signed up for 3 months, so August 1st is my last day on it for now.. which is basically perfect cause I hope to have lost quite a lot of weight by then, after all, my little brothers wedding is August 7th.. and I want to look and feel awesome by then!! I want to enjoy the day, and I want to take LOTS of pictures!!
Wow! Its so hard to explain how excited I am!! I just hope no one puts a damper on my mood today by commenting on how many diets I've already tried...
I hope you enjoy your day .. God bless you!!
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  1. Marinchik Says:

    Goodluck with it Anna!!
    I know you will do it. your like that, when you stick to an idea its hard to get you away from it..lol

  2. its.me518 Says:

    lol.... yeah... its just hard to STICK to the idea.. Its HARD!! I could totally do it if all I ate was processed food with all the info already on the box.. but that is not healthy nor cheap...... so this may just take longer... ugh.. that sucks!

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