So excited, yet so nervous!!
I've been meaning to write for a while.. but life is just WAY too busy!! I keep telling everyone that I need an IPhone for my upcoming birthday... it would make my life so much simpler ; ) hint hint... to all of you who are wondering what to get me ; )
So I've been doing Weight Watchers for several days now... I gotta admit, it is quite confusing right now.. its really nice to have people who have already done it give me tips and clarify things for me... I think it would make a lot more sense to me if I had the time to sit and explore the website... but that has not been a reality yet.. maybe over the weekend I will..
Anway, so far I really like the program! It has been SUCH an eye opener!! I've taken the food that I would normally eat, and looked up their point values, and I was shocked!! For now I am allowed to have 25 points PER DAY. Seems like a lot, right?? Well, trust me, its NOT!! We bought Double Chocolate Muffins from Costco, I would normally eat one, maybe one and a half in one sitting with a glass of whole milk. When you look at it, it does not seem like much. BUT when I looked up the points value, ONE muffin has 16 points!! And the milk has 4 points I believe... well, that would pretty much be all the food I could have that day. SO CRAZY!! 
So now I am trying to make much smarter decisions... eating a lot more fruits and veggies, and really lowering my portions.
Tomorrow is my "big day"! My first weight in since starting weight watchers. I am really excited cause I feel like I have lost weight, but also, just knowing how differently I have been living the last few days, I just can't imagine not having lost anything... but there is a fear in me. I am very afraid that for some odd reason the scale will NOT show me a weigh loss... that would totally suck!!
I will let you know how it goes.... stay tuned.....
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  1. Marinchik Says:

    well i honestly didnt even you started this weight watcher until you guys were at our house and you kept getting food with labels n looking it up on the computer. Goodluck to you with this Dieting.. If this works then maybe others will stop finding different ways of losing weight n do
    even though to be honest you look good:)

  2. its.me518 Says:

    Aaawww.. thanks ; ) Thats sweet... BUT I feel like I need to lose a MINIMUM of 30 pounds!!

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