Freaking OUT!!
I only have a few minutes this morning before I gotta run off to work.. but I gotta share!
As all of you know, yesterday was Fathers Day... Anyway.. I'm gonna make a long story short. My dad requested that I bake him a cake. That came out of no I ran out, bought all the ingredients, and I baked him a caked.
The cake consisted of one poppy seed layer and one walnut layer. All smothered with butter & condensed sweetened milk frosting. The cake was just absolutely delicious!
I have been doing really good with my points.. until yesterday. The cake turned out to be 256 points total. Oh my! I cut up the cake into 35 TINY pieces, to make each piece have less points value... yeah, it turned out to have 7 points for a TINY piece... and by tiny, I mean absolutely tiny! Maybe like one bite's worth.. I had three pieces...
 Anyway...  I calculated all my points this morning, and I am 3.5 points NEGATIVE!! That means I used up all of my daily points, all of my weekly "extra" points, AND all the activity points that I earned so far. WOW!! 
I get new points Thursday. So I decided I have until then to earn enough activity points to at least not be in the negative zone...
So for the next 3 days, I have to be "active" and work my butt off! AND I can't eat anything more than my allowed daily points... this might be a little hard seeing how I am to go out to lunch with a friend tomorrow...
I'll let you know how it goes ; )
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