Frustrated, Yet Hopeful
Lately, this dieting thing has become really hard for me... I just can’t seem to stick with it. I still constantly think about it... trying to figure out the “best way” for me to lose weight.

Yesterday was Thursday... so I weighed it. I gained 3 pounds back!! YUCK!! Currently I am at 181.2… whereas before I was 178… ugh... So sad!

I seem to be doing “really good” for a time... and then all of a sudden, I just totally binge;  whether it is on sweets or carbs... I can’t seem to stop at “just one”... if I eat 1 piece of chocolate... I’ll eat 10. It’s very frustrating.

So yesterday, after I saw how much I had gained I “vowed” to myself not to eat ANY sweets (except a tiny bit of honey) or carbs for 1 whole week...

It seemed so doable…. Until I showed up at work... its like the flood gates open and temptations started pouring my way!!

So here I am, sitting at work, DETERMINED to last a full week without sweets or carbs… as I see Jo (an amazing lady that I work with)... she comes walking in with a FULL case of soda…. A box of chocolate granola bars... and freshly baked banana bread. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!” I said to her. That was a bit hard to resist... but thankfully, I managed.

Then comes lunch time… I brought my romaine salad with some meat and balsamic vinegar dressing... I have actually been craving this salad... loving it!!

Anyway... I was typing away when Jo kindly tells me I should order lunch... hhmm... temping... could I really pass up free food?? So I looked at the menu... sandwiches... probably the best sandwiches in town… BUT they contain 2 thick slices of bread... can’t have that… So I called the deli and asked the guy what their “lowest” carb food was... I decided to go with their soup and salad special… except the soup that I chose was Salmon Chowder... I asked him to give me the least amount of potatoes and the most amount of salmon possible… and I got some sort of Chicken/Spinach salad… so all in all… not bad… actually… really good in my opinion ; ) Didn’t quite stick to my “vow” of no carbs.. But I was still proud of myself.

For dinner I wasn’t too hungry... so I had some baked salmon… but I desperately wanted bread... the boys were eating tuna salad on homemade bread… and I took about 2 bites… I know... I know... but it was just 2 bites... and that’s all… NO SWEETS!! I did it!! I was so happy with myself!!

So this morning (Friday) I weighed myself again… just to see... and I have lost a pound... so I’m down to 180.2 again... hopefully I will get back down to my 178 soon and then start going down from there…

I also decided that not walking was another culprit in my weight gain. I stopped wearing my step counter… and so I wasn’t even trying to get any “extra” steps in.

Well, yesterday, I put it on again... and I tried really hard all day to reach my goal of 10,000 steps. I did a lot of walking at work... and then I went and did some shopping after work... by the time I took my step counter off at night... I had accumulated 12,040 steps!! I was so totally excited!!

I think I am back up on the “weight loss wagon”... hopefully I will stay on and be able to reach my goal. I was supposed to have lost 10 pounds and be at 170 by my brother’s wedding (which is August 7th)... but I highly doubt I will be able to do that… I have exactly 1 week left. There is no way I can lose 10 pounds in one week... unless I starve myself… but whatever amount of fat I lose by then, I will be happy with.
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