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So… Time to unveil my new diet ; ) This is kind of embarrassing for me; people that know me well, know that this is about my millionth diet.. Every time I start a new one, they just roll their eyes at me.

I cannot last on one diet for too long. I think that both I and my body get tired & bored of the same thing. It seems that on most diets, I can lose about 10 pounds, and then no more. I just get stuck. So I think when I switch diets, my body gets confused and starts to shed my unwanted fat again… I like that!

So this time I will be trying “The South Beach Diet”. I’ve heard about it before, but was never interested in it. I never even bothered to look into it in the slightest.

A few weeks ago, Heather, a good friend of mine decided she needed to lose weight. She bought the “South Beach Diet” book and started telling me all about it. Well, that got me interested.. but still, I was trying to do Weight Watchers. I watched what Heather ate, and it always looked & smelled delicious and super healthy. Within 9 days of starting this diet, she lost 13 pounds. THIRTEEN POUNDS!!! That to me is SUPER impressive!!

Me on the other hand… here I was “trying” to do Weight Watchers. I was already tired of trying to figure out what had how many points. Everything always had way too many points. It was quite annoying and I was always hungry. The last few weeks, I just basically gave up.. and gained back 3 pounds. I’m glad (and surprised at the same time) it wasn’t more. 

So I got really impressed and motivated by Heathers successful weight loss. She lost twice as much in 9 days as I did in 2 ½ months!! I went and bought “The South Beach Diet” book. The food shopping took me a while… only cause I was trying to get the best deals on everything... I came home with tons of healthy foods and a lot of excitement to start my new diet.

On my "freeway" of weight loss, I have now exited Weight Watchers and went onto the "on" ramp of the South Beach Diet.… I am really excited and super hopeful. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the diet that works for me!
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