I failed. Again. I feel so grossed out with myself.

Why is this so hard for me!? I just don't get it. It's like I'm destined to be fat forever. I sure hope not.

My 1st day of this "test" I did REALLY great! I weighed myself the day after, and I had lost 1.6 pounds!! In ONE day! On day 2.. I couldn't resist. We went to my parents house, and my mom had baked her DELICIOUS cake thingy. It was SO good! I gave in and had 1 piece.... then another one... and another one. I ended up chowing down 3 pieces of cake. Ugh! I felt so disgusted with myself!

Then evening rolled around.. and I had a YUMMY M&M cookie.. 

So this morning,  the scale showed that I gained back the 1.6 and ANOTHER .2 on TOP of that!! UGH!!! YUCK!!

I just don't know what is wrong with me!! 

Something I heard on the Christian radio once keeps running through my head. DISCIPLINE. When I think of discipline, I think of raising kids and making them behave the way we want them to. It never occurred to me that adults need discipline. So I've been "chewing" on the idea that I do not have the discipline I need to succeed in my weight loss. I just give up too easily. I need to work on that...

I'm trying.. and I won't give up. I have to keep fighting this "Battle of the Bulge".
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