30 Day Shred Level 1 Done!
Done with Level 1 Started Level 2!

I have been to busy, and forgot to update. But I do want to say that I have NOT given up yet thanks to God and my awesome cousin Lilly who keeps pushing me... otherwise.. I would have quit days ago..

Anyway. Level 1 is done. WooHoo!! Ten day!! I do feel much more stronger. Still fat, but stronger. Now I need to work on melting this fat off... hopefully soon. 

Yesterday (Thursday) I was supposed to start level 2. I was really excited cause it looks much easier & more fun. Well, I didn't have time to do it in the morning and I HATE exercising in the evening. So I decided I was just not going to do it. BUT.. I got home, plopped in the DVD and just went at it. It was SO HARD!! Oh my!! I know I sucked at doing it, I was so tired and weak. But after I was done, I was VERY proud of myself!!

This morning (Friday) my alarm went off at 5am. I just could NOT get out of bed. I reset my alarm for 6am. By then, there was no time for exercising.. I went to work, had a really nice day, came home. I was really set on just doing nothing.. hanging out.. but on went my DVD again. This time, I actually really enjoyed it. It was fun, and much easier to do than yesterday. I think I was just too stressed out yesterday.

Anyway. So 12 days are completed! I am almost half way through. I hope I don't give up.One more day tomorrow and then a rest day. Those are always awesome! 

I am thinking about doing the 3 Day Diet. It look interesting. I could definitely stand to lose several pounds in 3 days... you know anything about it?? I want to start Monday.. let me know if you have any advice...

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