Day 9 Level 1 30 Day Shred
Another day done...

We went to bed late AGAIN.. but this time, we had plans in the morning. So I set my alarm to 5 so I could get up and exercise.... that didn't work out. I snoozed it. Then I snoozed it again. Then I re-set the alarm.... about 4 times.. lol.. I just could NOT get up! I was so sleepy!! Finally.. around 7:30am... I crawled out of bed. 

Even thought I was dressed and set to exercise, I so badly did NOT want to do it! I really thought about just NOT doing it today.... so many excuses flooded my mind... but thankfully, I just turned on the DVD and did it. Once again, it felt so good to have it done and over with. 

I think I did something wrong though. My lower back has been hurting REALLY bad today. LIke major pain. It sucks. I wonder what happened??

Went shopping today.. felt so fat. Its like, even though I keep exercising, I am not getting ANY thinner... I actually feel quite fat. It sucks. I have a wedding coming up in less than 2 weeks.. and I have NOTHING to wear!! AAAHHH!! Freaking out a little.... lol

So I'm wondering, what kind of a diet works really well with this type of exercising? What are you doing food wise? And how well are you losing weight? Let me know.. I'm quite interested.... it feels kinda pointless to keep exercising if I'm not losing any weight... getting really discouraged. 
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