Level 2 Day 3 DONE (30 Day Shred)
I am DONE.. time to REST!! 

I just wanted to get on here and say I DID IT!! I DID IT!! WooHoo!! I just finished my 3rd day of Level 2. I managed to get it done this morning right before work... so now I can relax and not even think about it until Monday!! That's an AWESOME feeling!! Accomplishment!

I am doing this level pretty much without weights. Its too hard. I get really weak and just stand there if I hold weights, but if I do it without, then I am getting through the whole workout, which in my opinion is better than doing a few reps with weights and then just standing there. 

Its funny to me how Jillian starts doing the moves, does only like 2 or 3 reps, then walks around just talking. And THEN she acts like she's all tired and out of breath. PLEASE!! Its actually very annoying that she doesn't exercise. Makes me doubt her... except when I look at her. Obviously she does SOMETHING. 

At first, she really irritated me. But now that I've stared at her for like 2 weeks (did you notice that she is ALL over the Internet? It's like no matter what website I go to regarding diet or exercise, she's there!) Anyway.. in the last 2 weeks, I have kinda started to like her. I still don't think that she should be using words like "bad ass" in her videos though.. I mean, my kids watch it while I'm doing it... they don't need to be hearing that every day. I very much disagree with that in her video. 

Otherwise, I think that the exercises really do work. I can really tell that I am getting much stronger. I especially feel it in my arms & shoulders. It's nice. I just hope I don't end up huge and bulky. I guess that's sort of another reason why I'm not in a hurry to use weights. I don't necessarily want to look muscular, just lean and thin ; )

OK.. off to work now... I know.. its Saturday.. I should be enjoying the day off with my family... at least I still get Monday off.. so its still a 2 day weekend.... 

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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