Day 1 Level 1
Ok. I completed my 1st day of Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Do I feel thinner and more toned already? No. But I am in pain ; )

First of all, there are several things that irritate me about the DVD. For like the 1st 3-5 minutes, you can NOT use any function buttons such as stop, forward, or skip on your remote. You basically just have to watch it. Waste of time. 2nd of all, they say that the workouts are 20 minutes long. That's a lie. When I was done today, my DVD player showed 27 minutes. I know that's not a lot, but when you are extremely short on time, even 1 minute makes a huge difference! So there are about 12 minutes that they did not account for when promoting their DVD. 

Overall, the exercise itself I liked. I liked that they switched it up. As soon as I thought I just couldn't do any more reps of a certain thing, they moved onto something else. That was definitely good.

I've been exercising off and on for the last 7 years or so. I didn't think my muscles were THAT out of shape.. so I started out using my 5 pound dumbbells.... a few sections into the DVD, I couldn't lift my arms anymore, so I had to switch to my 3 pounders. So take it from me, start with lower weights and work UP instead of DOWN... ; )

This is embarrassing. I was already saying "this is hard" at the warm up section of the DVD. How horrible is that!?  

Several times throughout the DVD I kept saying "I'm going to die"... lol.... Obviously I didn't.

 I was SO happy when it came down to the cooling down section. It meant I was done torturing myself. After I turned off the DVD player, I just sprawled out on the floor of my living room and just laid there for a good half hour. I felt so weak. My arms were quivering as I was trying to text the girl who recommend this DVD to me to tell her I was dieing.. lol... 

It's been about an hour now since I finished exercising.. I feel really good. Now if only I can stick to this for at least the next 30 days....

If you've done this or are doing this currently, let me know how its going for you! 

Also, since I got my exercise routine down for the next month.... now I have to figure out a good eating plan... any ideas??

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