Day 2 Level 1
I did it!! I did it!! Yeah! I'm so excited!! 

I know its just day 2, but hey, at least I didn't quit yet! I'm another day closer to my 30 days being done ; )

I gotta tell you.. I was sore! I knew I was going to be.. but it's been a while since I have actually been sore, so I felt kinda funny. I was moving like a really old grandma... but it was a "good" pain.. something that I knew was changing my body for GOOD!

Anyway, this mornings exercise session was a lot easier. I was able to breath a little better through it. I used my 3 pound weights during the strength interval and it felt a little too easy. So I'll have to play around with that. 

I was able to get through the whole 20 minutes (or should I say 27 minutes ; ), but I have to admit, I did stop a few reps short of finishing some of the sections. I just felt like I was going to pass out if I did another one... and as I was standing there panting, Jillian was like "now don't stop, the ones that hurt the most are the ones that count the most"... that made me feel kinda like a loser.. lol

My friend texted me last night and said that she was going to join me and do the shred with me. It turned out that we both planned on doing this morning at 5:30 before work. That made it fun. During the workout, I kept picturing her pushing through the exercises, and it made me smile and gave me bursts of energy just knowing that someone real was doing this with me at the same time... that was awesome! 

Now there are at least 3 of us doing this at the same time! That is such wonderful motivation for me... anyone else want to join??

Now of to work.... hopefully it won't be too noticeable that I move like a 90 year old.... lol
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