Day 3 Level 1

Day 3 is done and over with! I gotta say, it feels like I did much more than just 3 days worth of exercise. The way I've been feeling and moving.. you would think I was doing something EXTREME!!

Yesterday (day 2) I was SUPER sore! I moved around like a REALLY STIFF 90 year old woman in pain.. I felt really ridiculous, and I tried not to move when people were paying attention.. but Jo (my awesome co-worker) just could not help but burst into laughter every time I moved... she thought it was pretty funny.. I guess I would too if I wasn't the one in pain..

Today (day 3) is a lot better. I am able to move around a lot quicker with a lot less pain and soreness. 

The exercise itself was a lot easier today also. It felt like I just whizzed through it (I didn't, but compared to the previous 2 days, it felt like it ). I even did all the reps and wasn't whining that "I'm going to die".... so I think my body is improving... yeah!! I'm excited for that!!

I know I'm building muscle underneath this layer of fat.. I just wish that the fat would start to melt off.... sooner rather than later... but for now I am not paying too much attention to the numbers on the scale seeing as how muscle weights more than fat... 

Anyway... that's all for now... I am proud that I have not given up yet... lol.. I know.. I sound like  a weakling... but hey, I'm trying ; )... are you??
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    good job!
    keep up the good work!
    27 more days to a sexier you!!

    anna sen

  2. Anna Says:

    Thanks Anna!

    I wish you were joining me.. You'd have completed 1 week already ; )

    Thanks for your support.... it helps keeps me going....

    I'm trying.. and NOT planning on giving up..... I'll keep updating..

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