Quick Update
I know its been a while again and people having been asking me what's going on...

I'll be honest with you. I have been under a lot of stress the last few weeks. In so much stress that I was making myself physically sick. It's a horrible situation to be in.

I don't want to freak anyone out or give any false ideas. My life is still wonderful, just as always. I just can't take stress well, and I over exaggerate it and I get sick. Nothing huge happened, just a lot of little things all added up and I just couldn't handle all of them. 

I quit my 30 Day Shred. I almost got through it, but just couldn't push myself anymore. I made it to the 3rd level and did the 1st day of it. Loved it; just couldn't make myself do it anymore. So I feel like a failure once again... that's one of the reason I haven't updated on here. I didn't want to admit to everyone that I did not finish. Well here it is. I admit it. I quit and gave up. Nothing new. 

Things at work have change. My wonderful amazing friend Heather has quit her job (for very respectable reasons!). I was really worried about who would take her place. I wanted someone that I could get along with. To my great surprise and pleasure the girl that got hired is actually someone who worked there previously and who I really enjoy chatting with. I am so excited to have her there... there's an additional benefit for me having her there... she is a personal trainer!! So I get to ask her ALL of my questions... FOR FREE!! I enjoy racking her brain for advice... ; ) Not only that though... she makes work fun! I still miss my Heather... but Christine makes the work day a bit easier... 

I've been chatting with some people who know me well.. and they brought something to my attention (that I knew.. just didn't really think about). They said that within this year alone.. I have already tried OVER 5 diets. And I thought "yeah, what's wrong with that?"... then they proceeded to tell me that if only I would FOLLOW through with ANY ONE diet.. I would see a change in my body. But I don't. I try it for just a short amount of time, don't see the result that I want... give up... move onto another diet.. and the vicious cycle continues with no benefit to me. Just disappointment over and over again. 

Now my hard decision is to figure out WHICH diet I want to stick. I have to try my best for 3 months and I WILL see results.. I just don't know which one I want to do.... that's the hard part... deciding and sticking to it.... 

Any suggestions??

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    anna, im happy your doing better! i was alittle worked about you!
    good to see you posting agian :-)
    well i think you should do your 3 day diet for 3 months :-) that one seemed like it worked well on you...
    anna senchenko

  2. Anna Says:

    You are just too sweet! Thank you for continuing to read my blog ; )

    I have tried to do the 3 day diet again several times.. and I do REALLY well until dinner.. and then I just can't finish with the last meal... it sucks.

    But I like your idea. I shall consider sticking to the 3 day diet for 3 consecutive months and see what a difference that makes...

    I'll blog about it so you can read about my progress....

    Thanks for your support. It means a lot!

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