Still Slacking
I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here.. Still alive and kicking.. just haven't had much time to focus on dieting things right now. 

I have been enjoying life. Not worrying about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat it... (well... for the most part anyway)... 

I think this period of relaxation has been good for me. I am less stressed out. More joyful. I think I MIGHT be accepting myself for who I really am... but I'm not sure yet ; )

Don't get me wrong, I still think about what I should be doing... but I am not stressing over it. 

I like this.
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  1. Glad to hear that your stressing less about diets and food! i learned that the less i think about diets and just eat healthy the better i do... because stressing can make you gain weight also.
    hope all is well :-)

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