Juice Cleanse Day 2
I'll cut to the chase... I lasted on my 2nd day too!! :)

But it was absolutely horrible!!!  I wanted to cry! I was just so hungry. And the fact that my work was having a BBQ did NOT help!! I just sat there and smelled the beans. After I helped set up the BBQ, I just left. I couldn't stand it. The hamburgers, the hot dogs, the BBQ chicken, the variety of pasta salads, beans, chips, sweets. It was all too hard to bear. So I went for a walk for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I walked up hill for 50 minutes, took a 5 minute break and walked back down hill for another 50 minutes or so... I walked over 5 miles. Wow, I was exhausted and I STILL had the stupid, painful, annoying headache... but I lasted through the day without taking any Tylenol. 

I went home and laid the rest of the day. I felt like crap and I just wanted to quit.. Again... My sister and her husband came over to support and encourage me and to make sure I didn't eat... lol... I didn't eat. I lasted.. in pain, and unhappily... but I lasted in hopes that this will get better....

I guess I'm just really toxic and totally detoxing... hoping it'll be a fast detox.... 

The juice I made for my 2nd day consisted of:
   an apple
   4 celery stalks
   4 tomatoes
   1 cup of organic salad greens/spinach

It actually turned out quite yummy. I had to add a cup of water with lime juice and salt to it... I drank it all day. It didn't last as long, but it was good.

For dinner I made me juice from watermelon and a cucumber.

It was good too... THEN Jenni & Valik came over, we had plum juice together... lol.. instead of cake or other sweets, we had plum juice... 

And then I went to bed... still with a major headache :(

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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    how much of the watermelon did you use for the cup?

  2. Anna Says:

    Anna, I juiced the whole watermelon and the whole cucumber.. then I just poured it into the cup & the rest into a jar for later...

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