Juice Cleanse Day 3
Honestly, I am so surprised that I have lasted till day three on this cleanse. My 3rd day of no actual food. Crazy. I have been smelling a lot of food. Somehow it helps with the not eating. Whenever there's food around and people are eating, I just come up and smell their food.. lol... kinda makes it feel like I'm the one eating... but I'm not : ( 

I had a bad headache all night long.. Had kind of a hard time sleeping cause of it. At around 6am, I got me some rosemary oil (it's supposed to help make headaches go away)... I kept smelling it, but it still didn't work... at around 10 am, the headache was still horrible, so I drank some Feverfew.... STILL the headache wouldn't go away. Finally, I just gave up and drank 2 Tylenol... about an hour later, the headache subsided... I could still feel it a little bit every once in a while, but it was more bearable.

The last 3 days I have also been a bit nauseous. Not too horrible, but enough for me to be uncomfortable at times. 

This morning, I was so nauseous, I didn't want any juice. I really wanted food, but the juice made me wanna throw up. Finally, around 11, I juiced some salad greens and celery and mixed it into my watermelon/cucumber juice from day 2's dinner... it wasn't bad.. but it still made me wanna throw up...

Ugh. This is the afternoon of day 3 and its still hard. Jenni keeps telling me that it'll get easier, so I'm waiting for the day.... lol... obviously its not day 3 when it gets easier... 

But I'm hanging on.. gonna find some good recipes for my juicing, to make it easier for me to do this...

I hope my writing will get more interesting, more fun, with more pictures and stats and recipes. But for now, I feel like crap. So all I was able to do was summarize my 3 days thus far. Bear with me... :)

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