Juice Cleanse Day 11
Well 1st of all... I am quite sad that I have not had any nice comments on here within the last few days.. that sucks... lol... come on people... 

Anyway, day 11 has come to an end. It was a good day. The scale was mean to me today, showed no weight loss. So I am still stuck at 183.2... I'm glad it didn't go up, but I was really hoping that it would go down. But I am OK. I still have hope and motivation. So I shall keep juicing. 

I whined to my sister about not losing any weight the last few days and how depressing it is. So.. her being so wise... she went through my blog, and told me that; 1st of all, I am not drinking enough juice, thus my body is going into starvation mode (NOT the point of this juicing cleanse/fast) and 2nd that what juice I am drinking, it consists of too many fruit juices and not enough veggie juices. So I chugged my juice from last night, it was ONLY veggies!!

We went to church. Pastor Bob spoke an amazing message. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning. 

Then we decided to have a get together at my parents farm. I knew it would be hard because we were bringing AMAZING pizza from Papa Murphy's. We brought my favorite... Gourmet Chicken Garlic pizza... YUM!!!! The smells were just so tempting!! I gotta be honest... I licked some... lol... Anyway, besides all the horrible food temptations, we had a great time at my parents. Jenni & Valik brought me a veggie juice that they juiced at home (not sure what was in there) and they also brought me a Jamba Juice for dessert... that tasted really good... but I still REALLY REALLY wanted the pizza.... 

Anyway. For dinner I juiced myself more veggies. Following my sisters orders...
It consisted of 2 large Carrots, about 5-7 leafs of Romain Lettuce, a large handful of Spinach, a handful of Wheat Grass, 1/2 a Cucumber and 1 Apple. It made about 24 ounces of juice. I chugged 1/2 and left the other half for breakfast tomorrow morning...

Juicing Cleanse Stats:

Started Juicing: September 22, 2011
 Starting Weight: 192.0
Evening of Day 3: 190.2
Morning of Day 4: 187.6
Morning of Day 5: 188.0 WEIRD!!  
Morning of Day 6: 187.0 DOWN 5 POUNDS in 5 DAYS!!! 
Morning of Day 8: 184.4 Down 7 Pounds in 7 days!! 
Morning of Day 9: 183.4 Down 8.6 pounds in 8 days!! 
Morning of Day 10: 183.2 Down 8.8 in 9 Days!! 
Morning of Day 11: Still 183.2
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    IM BACK :-)

    sorry for being a bad friend and not reading the last few posts faster...been a bit busy....

    anyways, im still very proud of you!!! your so strong for doing this, and this is so good for you in the long run!! i cant wait to see all the results and a new happy Anna!!!

    10 more pds and were going out for Jumba juice on me!!

    stay strong!!
    ill say a prayer for you!

  2. Valik Says:

    LOL! You even licked a little bit of the pizza... lol... You forgot to mention that you almost ate a slice of the cake if Jenni didn't pry it off your fork with her bare hands and toss it away from you lol. Good job Anka on the juices. BUT, I just watched a video of a guy, he says that we need to take it easy on the veggies because our bodies are not used to have that kind of quantities of greens in us so take it a little at a time. Having 100% veggie juice is hard. Talking from experience here lol. try apples and spinach, or oranges and spinach. These are mild but great juices. Tomatoes--- YUCK!!. Love the tomatoes but not the juice from them.

  3. Jenni Says:

    Now... Even though I love Valik very much, I will have to disagree with him on the less veggies comment. For weight loss you need to do at least 80% veggies and only 20% or less fruit. I will be encouraging him to continue the green juices that we've been having. He has also plateaued on his weight, and it's because he is not taking in enough of the veggie juice. You should find a good veggie juice you can handle and stick with it. Instead of a sweet apple and orange base, that Valik recommended above, try using carrots or beats instead. They are sweet and yet they are still veggies :o)

    On a different note... You have been doing AMAZING!!! I'm so glad your doing this with us so we can encourage each other through the pizza and cake get togetherness. I knew you could do this once you were passed day 5. I didn't doubt you for a minute :o) It's gonna be so awesome to see you reach your goal, and get healthier at the same time. Keep juicing... I'm right there with you, :0)

  4. Anna Says:

    Lol!! Anna, you weren't a bad friend just cause you didn't read my blog! I know you have a busy life, and more important stuff to do than just read my blog all the time.. but I do appreciate when you do... and your sweet comments ; )

  5. Anna Says:

    Haha Valik!! Don't give my secrets away lol!! I didn't eat the cake, so I didn't mention it ; )

    Thanks for the suggestion on the juices.. I don't mind the veggie juices too bad.. except for the horrible potato juice!! EEWW!! It's juicing in general that gets kinda annoying at times....

    And actually, I like tomato juice ; ) with a little bit of lemon juice or salt... yum...

    Now you better not give up.. or else this will be another diet added to my "I quit" list... lol...

  6. Anna Says:

    Thanks Jenni!! That was very sweet that you spent all day and studied my WHOLE blog.. I'm glad you're always checking up on me and making sure I didn't quit... It's kinda hard to quit when you're watching my every move.. lol... but I appreciate it. I believe this will finally be a diet that I set out and will actually accomplish. I can't wait to be done with it so that I can see GREAT results! Thanks for everything, you're the best sister ever!! : )

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