Juice Cleanse Day 13
I was still clogged this morning, so I didn't weigh myself. Didn't want to be disappointed again. I talked to Jenni (my awesome sister and my "go to" for any advice) and she recommended I take some magnesium. I drank 3 capsules. Within 1 hour, I was clean.. lol... get what I'm saying? Felt so good!

Anyway... I juiced a very nice tasting juice this morning. It included a handful of spinach, 1/2 a cucumber, 1 tomato, and 1 yellow pepper. I was quite pleased with it.

At work I had some veggie broth that I brought from work. It tasted very good, especially with the added pepper ; ) 

Another long, stressful day at work. My managers think they are doing ME a favor by having me work these crazy long hours for the next 2 weeks. Uh.. no.. I am doing THEM a favor, and yet for some reason I feel bad for how long it takes me to complete the job of 3 people... These people just stress me out... : (  They want me to do my full time job, the evening receptionist job, the warranty clerks job. All with no overtime.. OH, and in my spare time I need to plan the company Christmas party. Really?? What freaking spare time!!??!! 

Anyway, now that I am done venting ; ) ... came home... made my family an AMAZING dinner... that I just sat there and smelled.... and now I am blogging.... 

Jenni informed me that I am not allowed to quit this juicing cleanse. She said she is going to "drag" me through to my 40th day whether I like it or not.. lol... I appreciate her encouragement. And I actually believe that I will FINALLY complete a diet!! I'm really excited about that! Our family is planning on celebrating New Years in a hotel again, and every year I wish that I could wear a bathing suit and look/feel good in it. Now I actually have hope that this year I finally will!!

13 days down... 27 days to go...
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  1. Jenni Says:

    Good job! I'm so proud of you for making it to day 14, yay!!! Your doing awesome! But you need to drink more juice! Try to reach the goal of at least 4 16 ounce juices a day, broth NOT included. Your body needs to know it can relay on getting all the nutrients it needs. Then it will relax it's grip and your weight will start melting off. Until you do that you won't be happy with the results you are getting.

    You don't actually need to drink the 16 ounces at one time if it's too much. Make it 8 8 ounce juices a day. But you see what I'm saying here, right?

    Ok... Keep on juicing. I'll keep on calling you and checking up on you. You shall wear your bathing suit this New Year and feel AMAZING!!! :o)

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