Juice Cleanse Day 26
Well, day 26 has come to and end. The day itself was easy enough. Someone ate chili at work and MAN it smelled so amazing!!! That was a hard hour to sit through.. smelling it the whole time. Then I came home and decided to make dinner for my family as my husband was muddying our living room (we are remodeling for those of you that do not know). Let me tell ya, I made an amazing dinner (if I do say so myself)... then I sat there and watched my family eat it. Um.. yeah.. just a bit on the hard side 

I have exciting news!! I can take my ring off!!

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's progress for me. You see, I got a new ring last year in March. I don't remember how much I weighed, but I must have been less than what I weight now. The ring was an average size 7, which is actually too big for me when I am skinny..  (which isn't too often, lol)... Anyway, I bought the ring and had to get it sized to a 5 1/2. When I went to pick it up, the guy was really confused. He didn't understand how a size 5 1/2 ring could fit ME!! Its really weird, but apparently I have skinny fingers (when I am skinny of course). So fast forward a few months, I gained who knows how many pounds and lo and behold, I can no longer take my ring off. It is really annoying. At times I get claustrophobic just thinking about it and if I start freaking out about the fact that I cannot take my ring off, I instantly feel my finger swell up which obviously makes it harder to take the ring off... 

ANYWAY, this weekend my ring came off!!! Not too easily, but it came off without pain or soap or lotion. I was very pleased.

Onto my weight area... um... not sure what's going on. I am still stuck at the same 177.4 weight. Its annoying, but I am not getting too frustrated with the scale. I know that doing this juicing cleanse is healthy for me and that's why I am continuing on with this.. that and cause Jenni won't let me quit.. lol... (which I'm grateful for )

I have come to a (kinda scary) decision. I have decided to do a water fast for the next 10 days.

At first it freaks me out, but then when I give it some thought, it should not be any harder than what I have already been doing for the last 26 days. Might be easier seeing how I am so tired of these juices that I just gag from them. Plus, this will save us money, which is always a plus!!

So starting tomorrow until Thursday, October 27th, I will not be putting ANYTHING into my body except for water (so help me God).... see... there it goes freaking me out again... lol... 

I want to do it not for weight loss (cause I am not told that not only should I NOT lose any weight while water fasting, but I might actually gain some...so I am aware). I want to do it for the extra healing benefits to my body. This way, it can totally relax and not have to digest ANYTHING and it can go ahead and devote itself fully to healing me.

So I look forward to starting a new journey tomorrow and sharing it with you.
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    ohh my goodness Anna!!! 10 days on just water!!! my oooo my!!! good luck, i know you can do this!!

    ....lately ive been thinking....and im very proud for how far you have come along!! so awesome!! well the conclusion is...I need to lose weight!! your doing so well so i need to push my self also! (not a juice diet, but just a diet)


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