Juicing Cleanse Day 27 Water Fast Day 1
So I started my new journey this morning. My 10 day water fast journey that is. I weighed in this morning and was really quite shocked. STILL the scale will not budge!! I don't know what's going on. I was really hoping to get down to my 15 pounds lost mark, but I'm still a whopping 4 ounces away from that. I'm just stuck at 177.4. Well, better than the scale going up I guess 

On to my day.. Not too bad. I did feel quite a bit of hunger pangs that I have NOT been feeling while juicing. It wasn't too uncomfortable. I just drank some more water. My goal is to drink 2-64 ounce containers of natural Spring water a day...

I lied about NOTHING but water entering my body when I blogged yesterday. I came down with a cold of some sort, so this morning I took a few drops of Vitamin D.. Then at work I was super cold, so I made myself some green tea.. No honey or anything. So it's not like I cheated, but just being honest with you.

The only two "side effects" that I've had today have been that I have been absolutely freezing all day. There have been moments where I would just start shaking I was so cold. Um.. At work, kinda embarrassing... and the other one was my own stupidity. The green tea I mentioned above? Yeah, not a good idea. I drank just a little bit of it and the caffeine hit me so hard and so fast that I got a headache!! It was quite a bad headache and lasted a long time... I guess until I drank enough water to flush the caffeine out of my system. So yeah... won't be doing that again... 

Other than that, a great day!! After work I even came home and made dinner again for my family. And yet again, I just sat there and watched them. This is probably the hardest part. Sitting there, smelling the food, and watching everyone enjoy it. I don't know why I don't just go to another room during that time. I'm weird, I know...

After their early dinner, I took the boys to the park while my husband continued working on our remodeling project. The boys and I took a 30 minute walk/jog. I know you're not supposed to exercise while water fasting, but I guess I wanted to see how it would make me feel. For the most part I felt totally normal. A few times I could feel myself get very tired, but that just lasted a few seconds and then I was fine again. It felt good to do a tiny bit of exercise. I've been missing it.

After the park we went and did a little bit of food shopping. And grabbed a pizza for a late dinner. Man oh Man. This was hard!! I LOVE pizza!! And yet, once again. I tortured myself and just sat there and watched them enjoy it. I was happy for them.. sad for me.. lol.

And that concludes my day. So far, so good. I can't believe it has already been 27 days since I've actually eaten anything. Wow!!
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    im shocked that your on ay 26!! once again...so so so happy for you!!!

    i wanna see your house when Vova is done with the project! :-)

  2. Anna Says:

    Trust me Anna!! I will definitely have you over as soon as its done!! Can't wait!

    And you are mistaken! lol.. I finished day 27 when I wrote this post... don't make me think I have more to go than I really do. Everyday is an essential count down... lol

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