Juice Cleanse Day 28 Water Fast Day 2
I woke up at 5:30 this morning and felt WAY more awake than I normally do. Which was really weird,
seeing how we went to bed later than usual. But I also learned that when you are water fasting, your
body is not digesting anything, so it doesn’t get as tired and most people are only able to sleep like 4
hours a night… we’ll see if that’s the case for me. I guess I’ll be able to get caught up on a lot of loose

Also, this morning.. I am kinda achy all over. My lower back really hurts. And I am cramping as if I were
on my monthly cycle thingy.. (I am like 2 weeks away from that time though). I just have random aches
and pains. When I was researching the water fast, I learned that since your body is not digesting, it has
plenty of time to go off and heal you. So it is perfectly normal to feel aches and pains. Its actually a good
sign. Means I am healing.. yeah!!

I was quite swollen this morning, but felt really dehydrated. But I still decided to risk it and get on the
scale. To my great amazement, I lost 2 pounds from yesterday!! So I am down to 

which is a total of

pounds lost thus far. Very exciting!!!

I feel like crap today. It’s a weird crappy feeling. Just kinda tired and almost like I might faint sort of a
feeling. The aches and pains just kinda roam my body… I am not hungry, but I feel the same way I did
when I used to eat, if I didn’t eat for a while, I’d feel like I’d pass out. I didn’t feel like this on the juice
fast at all… so I guess I ran out of all my stored food already. I guess it’s normal to have a crappy 2nd day on
the water fast and then day 3 and on should be almost euphoric from what I hear.. looking forward to
that. But right now, I just wanna curl up on my couch and either read a book or watch some TV. But no.
I’m at work. For another 4 hours..

Update: I felt worse and worse as the day went on. I came home and from 4:30pm till 9pm I just laid on the coach. Dozed off for a bit.. Then just laid there some more. Went to bed at 9pm... kept waking up. My whole body was hurting and my head was throbbing horrible. I also kept getting waves of nauseousness. Horrible, Horrible feeling. This might be the worse I have felt since I started this whole fast/cleanse 28 days ago. And I thought I had already detoxed. Yeah, right.
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    ohh no, this sounds like a really rough day!! :(
    hope your feeling better soon!!

  2. Anna Says:

    It was super rough!! I seriously thought I would die...

    But obviously I didn't.. thank God ; )

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