Juice Cleanse Day 29 Water Fast Day 3
What an absolutely horrible 24 hours it has been. I didn't know what to do with myself. Like I said in my previous post, I went to bed at 9pm thinking that I could sleep through the crumminess and wake up feeling perfect. Let me tell ya, that is not what happened!

I kept waking up from time to time due to all the aches and pains running through my body. I even went to the bathroom to puke a few times, but nothing came out. Back to bed I went. Back to the bathroom. Finally, I had had enough. I know this sickness is caused by me detoxing further. And I have not had a BM in the last 2 to 3 days. I knew that I was clogged and the toxins were not exiting my body, but just floating around inside me, making me feel horrible. I decided to take things into my own hands. Let me warn you, it did NOT turn out the way I planned. 

When I was doing the master cleanse, I was told to drink 2 teaspoons of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt with 32 ounces of water. 

The salt does not separate from the water, and thus it flushes you out within an hour. So here I am standing in the kitchen at like 1:30 am, alternating between 1/4 teaspoon of salt (I need 8 of these) and gulping water. The 1st few teaspoons went down OK. Then it got harder and harder. As soon as I gulped the 5th teaspoon down, it all just came back. I barely made it to the bathroom, and I just started puking. Horrible, salty, painful puking. I expected to see some sort of toxins.. (lol, not sure what they would look like).. but all I saw was pure clear water, with tiny little specks of the pink salt. Just a few specs though. So I knew the salt was still in me. So I chugged a bunch more water thinking that it'll still kick in and flush me out the other end (which is what I was hoping for in the first place).

I finally went back to be close to 3am. Surprisingly I slept well. At 5:30am my alarm went off. I got up to turn it off and almost fell over. I was so weak and dizzy I had to stand there for a while just to not fall. That's when I knew for sure I couldn't go to work. At 6am I texted my coworker and explained my situation and told her I was not coming in today... So back to bed I went.

It is now 10:30am. I must say, I do feel a little better, but definitely NOT euphoric. I guess I'm more toxic than I thought. Sucks. I am still clogged. No flushing effect. I took 3 magnesium and chugged more water at around 9am.... still nothing. I am telling you. Something is definitely wrong with my gut/intestines/colon area. It is NOT normal for a person on a water fast to be clogged. According to everything I have read, as soon as you start a water fast/cleanse, you are supposed to be cleaning out every few hours. Um.. yeah. This is my 3rd day and I still have not had a BM. Its so annoying. Hopefully this water cleanse will heal whatever issue I am having.

My husband will be working on the house again today, so the kids and I are going to Jenni and Valik's house for the day. I mean what difference does it make if I lay on their coach or my own? It'll be nice to be distracted from the crummy feeling. Alyona is gonna be there too with her boys, so it should be fun.

I'll update later this evening and let you know how my day went. Hopefully it'll be a good update.
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    hope youll be feeling better soon, being at the sisters house should help you alot though!

    happy about the extra two pounds though!!

    get well soon!!

    do u think maybe you caught the stomach virus or the flu bug?

  2. Anna Says:

    Thanks Anna! Being with my sisters really did help. Got my mind of the crummy feeling, and the support was great!!

    No, I know for sure it wasn't the flu or anything. It was pure detox. Pure, horrible detox..

    I was very happy with the extra 2 pounds gone!!

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