Juice Cleanse Day 33 Water Fast Day 7
It was so hard to get up this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30am. I really do dislike Mondays. 
I also dreaded going to work today because I really did not want to listen to anymore BS from my coworkers. (Actually, it's only like 3 of them that give me garbage, the rest are super supportive. But you know how the negative outweighs the positive) So I tried to avoid most of them as much as I could.... but almost towards the end of day, what I dreaded, finally came to pass. One of them asked me "So, did you start eating yet?" I politely said "No" and just walked away. Right then and there I heard the 3 of them just start dissing. I didn't even bother listening to them. Just totally tuned them out. 

I had a hard time being at work today. It was really busy, I only took 1 break and no lunch. Just kept working and working. A bit exhausting. Also, at home its so much easier because if I feel weak, I can just lay down and take a break. Well, obviously, I can't do that at work. I think what makes it EVEN harder is that they are so UN supportive that I have to pretend to feel super duper great. That gets old fast.

This is gross. But I have a LOT of mucous coming down from my nasal passage into my mouth... I spit it out... but then some of it gets stuck and I try real hard to suck it out so that I can spit it out. Well, this has been going on all day, and now my nasal passage area and my throat are really sore and it hurts real bad to swallow. I sure do hope this goes away by tomorrow. Jenni informed me that this is normal (good to know) and that it means that all this mucous is carrying all the dead bacteria and toxins out of my body. I only wrote this gross paragraph in case someone else encounters this and starts freaking out. Don't. Its normal..

I got home to some torture. My husband made 1 my most favorite foods!! 

For those of you that know what this is, I'm pretty sure you agree with me about how DELICIOUS this is!! And for those of you that have no clue what this is, OMG!! You absolutely must try this!! We buy raw (wild) salmon, slice it thinly, then start layering. Salmon, salt, salmon, salt and so on. You let it stand for 24 hours in the fridge, then you mix it up real nice and add some dill, a little chopped onion, maybe some garlic, and oil (we use either olive oil or sunflower oil). And then you just devour it!!! 

So as he was working on the house, I made the boys a light dinner. 

Special thanks to my mom for bringing over the salad you see (in Russian, its called Venegret). I'm not sure what's all in there, but the boys kept raving about how good it was. Sadly I just sat there and watched them. She also brought my husband his very favorite salad Olivye. (It's like a Russian version of the potato salad, but SO much better ; )

I think I am getting really fed up with this not eating thing. Cause today, as I watched them, not only was I sad, but I was also very angry. I wasn't sure what to do with myself.

Not much else to write about today. I gotta do some studying and figure out how to get off this water cleanse safely and then also how to get off the juice fast... I'm nearing the end, so better look into. Then I gotta iron some clothes. Then if there's time, I think we might watch a few more episodes of Little House on The Prairie (that's our favorite thing to watch right now ; )

Anyway.... so wait till my next post (hopefully tomorrow)


I almost forgot!! I weighed in this morning. And I was really thinking that since I p**ped so much out that my weight would really drop by this morning. No so. I was really shocked at how little it fell!! Not even a pound! I weighed in at 167.6... So that's about a 1/2 pound weight loss... oh well...
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  1. Jenni Says:

    OMG!!! I totally want that dinner you made for the boys!!! I'm so crazy hungry for some amazing food like that!!!

    So what your saying is... You lost a 1/2 a pound of poop!!! Um... I'd say that's A LOT of poop!!! ;o)

  2. Valik Says:

    Buhahaha!!!! That's funny Jenni!!! The post though, Anna, other than the amazing food, pretty yuck! Some things you just can't in-read. Lol. No, but I must say, I can't believe how good you are doing on this thing. You are almost done!! Don't mind the coworkers, they are just ignorant. Don't mind them, you have your goal and it is worth a little discomfort. Keep juicIng!! Oh I mean watering ... uhh... or something like that.

  3. Hezer Says:

    You know what I think about those old, unhappy (especially with their own lives), unhealthy themselves, wretched women! Do not I REPEAT, do NOT let them get to you Anna you are better than that kill'em with kindness it'll only make them feel worse ha! And whats with all the cute jackets?? I like!! :) Food looks yummily amazing, I agree...

  4. Anna Says:

    Jenni!! Me too! I want food so bad!! I even started dreaming about it!! That seems to be all I think about anymore is what I'm gonna eat as soon as I can!!

    Valik, Sorry the post was too gross for you... lol... Oh well, I'm pretty sure Jenni tells you everything anyways.. so what if you actually read it yourself ; ) Thanks for the encouraging words... I too am shocked that I actually lasted this long. If it weren't for Jenni dragging me through this, I would have quit on day 1 ; ) but the end is near.. can't wait!! You too have done amazingly by the way. Way too lead us all!! Tomorrow is your last day, can't imagine how that feels... FOOOD!!!!

  5. Anna Says:

    Heather!! You through me for a loop.. I just sat there, wondering, who the heck Hezer was.. then as soon as I started reading what you wrote, I knew it was you!! Too funny!!

    I will try to take your advice and not let them bother me. Only you and Christine truly know what I am dealing with...

    Lol.. the jackets? That's my new thing.. I really like them. Got another really cute one this weekend.. haven't worn it yet though...

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