Juice Cleanse Day 37
I did it!!! I did it!!! I did it!!
I did it!!! I did it!!!
I did it!!

I have finally completed a diet that I have started. I am officially done with my 10 day water fast!!! You cannot possibly understand how happy I am to be putting something in me besides water! The last 10 days have probably been the hardest 10 days of my life!!! 

Now don't let me scare you off. I do believe that part of the hardship of the water fast was my own doing. I think I was overdoing drinking my magnesium capsules trying to clean myself out faster. Well, that weakened me, thus made it a really hard 10 days, ESPECIALLY since I couldn't just lay around the house all day. I actually had to get up at 5:30am and head off to work for the day. That was really hard.

But I am very happy (and a little proud) to announce that I am done. I am very grateful that God heard all my silent cries and pleas for help and strength and that He gave it to me. Also, Jenni, once again, had to listen to ALL my whining and complaining. Poor girl.. lol... 

You should have seen me enjoy my 1st cup of broth this morning. You wouldn't have that it was the most amazing food in this world by the way I was drinking it. And this morning, it WAS the most amazing food in the world cause I was actually able to have it!!

Work was a bit hard today. Why? Cause we had the Employee Appreciation BBQ. I had to set it all up, monitor it, and then clean it all up WITHOUT putting a single piece of food in my mouth...

I'll give you an example of what was on the table:

What made the lunch great was that the General Manager announced me as the Employee of the Month!! This is the 1st time they chose an employee, and I was the 1st one! I felt kinda good 

Since I couldn't eat at work, I brought some of the food home for my family, and made them quite an nice dinner. I would have just LOVED to bite into it!!

 That would be a yummy, juicy hamburger, served with veggies. On the side we have some very healthy Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt. And for dessert, we have a scrumptious fruit salad. Now, who can honestly (besides Jenni) say that they would not like this dinner?? I know I sure would LOVE it!!

Ok. Well.. I think that's enough details for all of you for now. It's Friday, so I am going to go relax, drink some broth, drink some tea with honey and spend my time with my family. 

Oh.. this morning, I weighed:163.8! That's 28.2 pounds lost!! Only 8.8 pounds to go to reach my 1st real goal of 155!!

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  1. Jenni Says:

    You did it!!!! You did it!!!! You did it!!!! You did it!!!!

    I'm soooo proud of you!!!! It's so amazing!!!!
    You CAN'T tell me now that you don't have self-control!!!! ;o)

    Keep at it. You only have a little more to go! I'm so excited to see you finish this up. But more importantly, I'm excited to see you clean and heal your body. You know how I am when it comes to cleaning ;o)

  2. Jenni Says:

    P.S. You don't need to mention me in every post... Lol :o) I'm still gonna continue to read them. :o)

    And I'm not poor... I don't mind at all when you need to whine to me. It feels great to be able to some how help you get healthier :o)

  3. Sweet Treats Says:

    yey,Anna! how awesome!!!
    happy happy you competed this, And your 28.2 pounds lighter!! how awesome is that!!!
    Very happy for you!

    cant wait for our date!

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