40 Day Juice Cleanse - DONE!!!
My 40 days of juicing/cleansing/fasting are finally over! 

Overall the cleanse was good. I felt great, wasn't too hungry. I would definitely consider doing it again (maybe not so long) and would for sure recommend it to anyone who wants to try it.

I had a very, very sad, depressing morning today. Last night, I only had a few hours left to complete my 40 days, and I screwed up. I don't know what happened (lol, yes I do)... I ended up eating quite a big chunk of smoked fish that my dad made. It was absolutely the most amazing food ever!!! It felt great while I was eating it, but this morning, a totally different story. Physically I felt fine. But emotionally I was a wreck. I felt like such a loser for not lasting the last few hours. I was quite depressed for a few hours... but thankfully, I slowly started calming down.

For breakfast I had an apple. Nothing special. I'm not a big apple fan. For lunch I had some sugar snap peas. Those were really good. Then I had a banana... then I munched on the sugar snap peas. Then I had a carrot. I know it sounds like I was eating all day, but I really wasn't. There were moments when I was starving hungry, and it didn't matter how much of my raw stuff I ate, nothing hit the spot. I hate that.

I got home, and just devoured the rest of my smoked fish. OMG!!! SO freaking good!! But now I don't have anymore... so not sure what I'm gonna do... lol

I gotta figure out what to eat tomorrow so that it is raw/healthy fruits/veggies but not boring... gotta go surf the net now for ideas. Got any good ones? Oh please, do share!

So there you have it. I completed my 40 day journey. I guess if I was being graded, I would say I'd get probably 95% out of 100%. Not too bad, could have done better, but this is the best I have ever done on any diet!!

I have went from a size 12 to a size 10. From 192.0 pounds to 168.0 pounds (which is 24 pounds lost). And I have lost lots of inches all over my body. So I would have to say that the result are great.

Now I gotta figure out what to eat to lose the additional 13 pounds I need to lose and then to actually never gain weight back.. This will be a hard journey. Hopefully God will bless me and give me success with it.

Thank you all for all the support and the motivation. Please continue to be supportive and give me great ideas on what to do lifestyle wise. I don't wanna diet anymore. I just want to have a really healthy lifestyle. 

I will continue to update on here periodically, and hopefully it will be good, happy updates!! 

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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    Can you believe its been over 40 days since ive seen you lady!! my gosh!!

    Im so happy for you lady, you were so strong to go threw all 40 days!!! good for you!!!!

    you motivate me!!

  2. Anna Says:

    I know Anna, it's been way too long!! I am totally excited about our lunch date next Wednesday!! Can't wait!!

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